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about us

popUPshops is published as an on-line forum for sharing exciting news and popular views around the global phenomenon of pop up sales (otherwise known as pop up retail) and temporary installations.

We imagine you’re already familiar with the concept of a “pop up shop” – whereby a retailer, marketer or entrepreneur will establish an outlet for a specifically short time. That could be to launch a new product, clear excess sales stock or just to raise brand awareness…. pop up shops and associated events are renown for creating a buzz, and typically involve some “outside the square” thinking. They might appear for a month or just a weekend, in a vacant high street store, the central mall of a shopping centre or some other unexpected location – often using products and materials in highly creative and unusual applications.

This blog launched in 2012 as popUPshops Melbourne… focused on what was happening in our home town (Melbourne is a thriving and energetic pop-up hot-spot). Within a very short time we had enquiries (and encouragement) from other cities around Australia… and so now we’ve broadened our view to watch and comment on all kinds of pop up events across the whole nation (and beyond…)

popUPshops also covers special events and product promotions, exhibitions and trade shows – plus anything new in retail, marketing, dining and hospitality. If it’s creative, temporary or just plain crazy we like to know about it !
We’re not only concerned with pop up installations around Australia – there are so many creative minds “popping” around the world that we also broadcast details on global trends and events.

popUPshops is an opportunity to share details of coming events and potential locations. We are developing a community of like-minded “poppers” and certainly encourage contributions to this blog – please send us details and links of events and concepts, new locations (especially locations !) and hot ideas. We love to hear from design and marketing professionals, journalists, real estate and commercial managers, shopping centres and precincts – and anyone else with a good story to tell, or an experience to share !

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