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50 first posts !

…phew ! a little over 6 months ago we posted our very first article at popUPshops Melbourne

And ever since we’ve been busy watching, listening and visiting all kinds of pop up events, to bring you the news and views of what really is popping around Melbourne (and beyond). We’re gradually building our following and are warmly encouraged by the support we’re getting from local pop-up traders, landlords and visitors – as well as national and international contributions. The articles on popUPshops Melbourne are proudly own our work – most of the locations and events are mentioned here because we’ve seen or experienced them ourselves…  The pop up scene in Melbourne is growing at a handsome pace and we love being part of the journey – thank you for joining us !


Recently I came across (yet another) take on the pop up phenomenon (quotation taken from blog article) :

“That most thoroughly modern concept, the pop-shop shop, has fast evolved into something more than just a marketing stunt. These days, it’s an exhibit, an event, a talking point, with a design and ambience to match the real thing…..”


And so…if you missed any of those first 50 posts… here they are again !


1.         Melbourne locations #1 May 2012

…..these could make a great pop up venue, contact the agent…..

2.         popping UP in Melbourne #1 June 2012

…..a sample of what’s gonna pop soon…..

3.         what is this global phenomenon ? June 2012

Is there really anything new about “pop up shops” ? Sure, it’s a catchy phrase and every-so-often we hear that it’s a “global phenomenon” set to change the face of Traditional Retail by daring to challenge the relevance of bricks and mortar stores and those long-established high street brands…. But the world itself is changing at a galloping pace. As consumers we’re out there looking for new products, ways to buy and interact with our favourite labels. Oh, and now we also want to be entertained along the way….. Some say the pop up shop (or “pop up retail”, as it’s known in the US) is the answer, the latest trend.

4.         blog blahs #1 June 2012

…..what other bloggers have said recently….

5.         whats UP in Chapel Street ? June 2012

On a recent stroll along Melbourne’s Chapel Street fashion strip – between Toorak Rd South Yarra & High St Prahran – I counted 22 shops currently sitting “between tenancies”. Which sounds kind of romantic, but actually means there’s a small forest of “for lease” signs, with mail scattered across empty floors and cobwebs festooning across some doorways…

6.         popping UP in Melbourne #2 June 2012

…..a sample of what’s gonna pop soon….

7.         location location June 2012

One of the greatest challenges facing the potential “popper” (pop up shop business !) must be finding a suitable location – at an agreeable rate of course !  How many times have I heard of lengthy searches, phone calls and walking pavements looking to set up a temporary outlet – only to finally find something and then discover it’s hell-expensive… A sad story, and often relayed with a tinge of despair…

8.         blog blahs #2 June 2012

…..what other bloggers have said recently….

9.         online hits hard with bricks (& mortar) June 2012

What do Miishka, Ellery and Mister Zimi have in common ? Well, they’re all in the female fashion trade of course, albeit with quite different styles and lines. They each have a significant on-line presence, featuring images of obligatory models dashing about in today’s selections – and they also make it real easy to fill the virtual shopping cart. Nothing surprising in that, there are hundreds or thousands (or more…) businesses doing exactly the same thing !

10.       popping UP in Melbourne #3 June 2012

Goodness, it seems a pretty quiet time around town for pop up shops…. luckily there are plenty of other things happening in the world of sales and events….

11.       shopping without a purse – or a buggy ? July 2012

Try explaining all this to your grandmother….. *

12.       whats UP in Brunswick Street ? July 2012

This week I ventured across to Brunswick Street for a happy dose of “caffeine and colour” – and of course I was hardly disappointed ! Where else in Melbourne do you find glorious, original Volkswagen Beetles and Citroen DC2s nudging into impossible parking spots, and their rather “glorious and original” drivers then nudging off the (vinyl) car seats and onto the (vinyl) stools of nearby cafés ? And have to dodge the well-past-middle-age gent on his bicycle, wearing a crash helmet with long Viking horns and flowing golden plaits ? Wish I’d captured an image of him… but I didn’t risk taking his photo and certainly wouldn’t risk publishing it. In Fitzroy (almost) anything goes – he could well have been a QC on his way into chambers !

13.       what else POPS ? July 2012

Every day of the week I get bundles of new ‘mail in my Inbox (who doesn’t ?) – and often wish it wasn’t so darn many (again… who doesn’t…) But there is one update I actually look forward to – gets me clicking through almost as soon as it arrives. It is my daily missive from Google Alerts – on so many things “pop up” around the world. Here’s a selection from last week’s weird and wonderful :

14.       popping UP in Melbourne #4 July 2012

…a sample of what’s gonna pop soon (& already is…)

15.       containers and trucks, plastic and cardboard July 2012

It should be no surprise that pop ups won’t only occur within vacant high street stores – and that sometimes they’re not even using “bricks and mortar”….

16.       blog blahs #3 July 2012

…..what other bloggers have said recently….

17.       pop up extreme : the Olympic machine July 2012

Going anywhere near London during the Olympic Games ? Make sure you take your credit / debit card (preferably Visa – an official “Commercial Partner” of London 2012 !)

18.       popping UP in Melbourne #5 July 2012

…a sample of what’s gonna pop soon (& already has…)

19.       pop up shops can also refresh & revitalise July 2012

There can be many positive outcomes from a well-planned pop up shop : savvy traders efficiently move their out-of-season or excess stock, clever brand managers gain exposure to an audience of targeted consumers – and some (relieved) landlords might see new life breathed back into un-loved properties….

20.       Melbourne locations #2 August 2012

…..any of these could make a great pop up venue, contact details provided here…..

21.       3p’s in pop up August 2012

Have you heard of the “5 P’s of Marketing” (product, price, place, promotion  & people) ? Well, I’d say there are (at least) 3 P’s in “pop up” – Planning, Property and Promotion ! And careful attention to each of these will be critical to the success of an event….

22.       blog blahs #4 August 2012

…..what other bloggers have said recently….

23.       whats UP at Chadstone ? August 2012

There’s no doubt about it – Chadstone Shopping Centre is “The Fashion Capital” – of Melbourne and Australia (and the whole southern hemisphere, apparently) It is huge – around 190,000 square metres (2,000,000 sq.feet) of retail. And it certainly is a great destination for all things fashion in Melbourne……

24.       down-side of pop-up ? August 2012

On July 20, 2012 The Guardian (United Kingdom newspaper and on-line) published an article entitled “Are pop-up shops the answer to empty high streets ? – posing the question “… can shuttered shop fronts be an opportunity for budding businesses… ?” The journalist provided some background on the UK experience of pop up shops, also citing a recent government initiative allocating £100,000 to 12 British towns – aimed at reviving shopping strips. It’s too early to tell whether those funds will make any difference to the desperate situation of vacant shops and dying high street precincts… but it doesn’t seem too soon to attract some passionate comments !

25.       popping UP in Melbourne #6 August 2012

…a sample of what is popping soon…

26.       teaser tales September 2012

Over the past few weeks there’s been news of major retailers getting into the swing of pop up…not just your usual marketing exercise but actually trading with a purpose… These brands are taking the concept of “temporary” to launch or promote something bigger – the imminent arrival of a permanent store, or a whole new generation of product. I’d call these the “teasers” of exciting things to come….

27.       provenance and pop up September 2012

Melbourne has really come alive this week – overflowing with bouquets of spring blossoms and bursts of spring fashion ! It’s been a hectic time in the city centre, with the very beautiful people swarming to stylish events for our annual Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW, 3rd to 9th September 2012). In addition to the runway shows and many associated events, MSFW has also hosted an excellent Business Series programme

28.       comment : pop-up retail by Christina Norsig September 2012

We’ve mentioned Christina Norsig twice before at popUPshops Melbourne – both times in reference to a handy guide she has written (see our posts what else pops and 3p’s in pop up) Ms. Norsig’s book is titled “Pop-Up Retail : How You Can Master This Global Phenomenon” – and it is probably the first significant “how-to” manual on planning and manning a pop up shop……

29.       blog blahs #5 September 2012

…..what other bloggers have said recently….

30.       pop up holidays September 2012

When it comes to pop up retail “state-side” (ie. in the USofA), nothing quite compares to the surge of activity and sales towards the end of each (calendar) year. Given that it’s now late September, pretty soon retailers large and small will swing into the annual frenzy associated with “holiday season”, many employing temporary locations and casual staff… the very “foundations” of pop up…

31.       whats UP in Bridge Road ? October 2012

Over many good years Bridge Road Richmond has been “the” destination for a variety of bargain hunters. Located just minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, it has long offered a mix of clothing and footwear stores, hair and beauty services, furniture and building supplies, interspersed with cosy cafes and pubs (for mid-stream sustenance) – even hosting those original clever “seconds” warehouses for eclectic furniture, kitchen gadgets and housewares… A clear 2km run of strip shopping, there are no hidden alleyways or basements to negotiate and not a lot seems to happen in the side streets. For the determined shopper Bridge Road offers few distractions from the business at hand….

32.       worth considering for pop up enterprise October 2012

….from the folks who brought you Renew Newcastle….. the team at Renew Australia have announced the first of their training sessions on making the most of empty spaces with creative enterprise – “for anyone interested in turning an empty space into something productive” And, I hope… pop up enterprise !

33.       opening pop up windows October 2012

Most consumers would be aware of just two system choices for computers – the “fruity” one and its “Windows” competitor. And when it comes to clever marketing and retail offerings, it is usually the Apple Inc brand running streets ahead of anything Microsoft offers….

34.       popping UP in Melbourne #7 October 2012

…so what’s been popping in Melbourne ? (lots !…)

35.       brilliant innovation from Nike and The Locals October 2012

…a stunning pop up concept used for Nike in Sydney…

36.       pop n’ up, short n’ sweet bites October 2012

…offering a taste of pop ups around Melbourne…

37.       string bean alley November 2012

…container pop ups come right into Melbourne…

38.       why landlords should consider pop up ! November 2012

Want to convince a property owner to take part in a Renew scheme? Show them this great video – created by the guys at Renew Newcastle

39.       pop stars pop up November 2012

…what could Bob Dylan, One Direction and Taylor Swift have in common ? Maybe more than you think (or maybe not)…

40.       pop up by foodie Simon Johnson (purveyor of quality foods) November 2012

…pop up done right, in Melbourne…

41.       WGSN global trends November 2012

…expect the unexpected…

42.       popping UP in Melbourne #8 November 2012

…gosh, a busy time for pop ups around Melbourne…

43.       share your pop up news ! November 2012

…what’s popping in your area, have you seen a great location for temporary retail ?

44.       fancy a day trip ? November 2012

The Pop-Up Shop Ballarat is only just over an hour outside of Melbourne – a picturesque drive up the highway, surely worth the day trip. They’re busy getting ready to open in just a week’s time – and will be featuring over 20 regional designers, artists and crafters. Check out more on their Facebook page

45.       Myer pops up November 2012

One of the true shopping giants in Australian, Myer has announced it will enter the temporary retail marketplace with a series of branded kiosks in public locations, trading between now and Christmas.

46.       love it, want it, have it… November 2012

…it’s great to hear from local pop up enterprises, such as…..

47.       The People’s Market serves up a changing pop up platter November 2012

The creative forces behind The People’s Market have been very busy over the Melbourne winter months (hardly in hibernation….) And now they’re almost ready to launch the 2012/13 season – less than one week to go for the grand opening on Saturday 1st December !

48.       the race is on to pop up ! December 2012

No surprise, this weekend has seen a whole lot of pop up activity in Melbourne – and beyond… It’s the start of our summer (almost the end of the year) – and not long ‘till Christmas… Welcome to the silly season.

49.       whats UP in Greville Street ? December 2012

Well, first up… it’s party-time ! Tomorrow night many of the traders along Greville Street (Prahran) are getting into the swing with a Mexican street fiesta. Several cafes and bars will serve themed food & drinks, there’ll be discounts and special offers from other shops – and no doubt some hombre and mujer will partake of serious salsa (and hat ?) dancing to the street music….

50.       popping UP in Melbourne #9 December 2012

…pop ups are out to make the most of the Christmas shopping frenzy…


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