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A new book on pop up shops – by PopUp Republic (USA)


How To Start Your Own Successful Pop-Up Space, Shop or Restaurant


We’re starting to wind down for 2017 (phew !) – and thought this is a good time to re-visit some earlier popUPshops Melbourne editorial. This “new book” article first appeared at pUsM back in November 2015, but we still refer enquiries to these publications – especially if they ask the basic questions… “what is a pop up shop ?” or “where do we start ?”


Earlier this week I received an email from a contact page at popUPshops Melbourne…”I’m new to the whole pop up shop concept. I’m wondering how I would go about creating a pop up shop for my business and how much it would cost ? Hoping you can help…” I see similar comments quite often… the questions seem quite reasonable – why have pop up shops become so prolific and how do I go about opening a pop up for my own brand ?


The answers are not simple. There are many ways to go about setting up a pop up – and complex factors which have led to rise of pop up shopping… challenges in the economy, new technologies, the impact of social media and enhanced shopper expectations to name a few. I often suggest a pop up novice should start at the grass roots by researching the philosophies and basics of the concept – there are a few great publications on the subject. I’ve mentioned them on our pages previously – The Ultimate Guide to Opening a Pop-Up Shop by Storefront (USA), Pop Up Business for Dummies by Dan Thompson (UK) and Pop-up Retail – How You Can Master This Global Phenomenon by Christina Norsig (USA)

Just this week there’s been news of another book from the US – PopUp Republic: How to Start Your Own Successful Pop-up Space, Shop or Restaurant (published by John Wiley & Sons, AUD $31.95) The paperback (224 pages) was written by the founder and CEO of Chicago-based PopUp Republic, Jeremy Baras – who was approached by the publisher earlier this year… “to write the definitive book on the pop-up industry”…

Last December we commented on Mr. Baras’ conclusion that the US pop up economy is worth around $50billion per annum… impressive !


A new book on pop up shops - by PopUp Republic USA

image : PopUp Republic: How To Start Your Own Successful Pop-up Space, Shop or Restaurant

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