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A protest pop up in Hong Kong


Sympathizers of the Hong Kong demonstrations have opened a protest pop up shop… twice (so far)

Over 2+ months the Hong Kong political demonstrations have become increasingly popular – and violent. Last week “police fired tear gas inside enclosed railway sub stations and rubber bullets at close range as colleagues baton-charged protestors….”#

The world has watched with interest as ”millions (of Hong Kong residents)… hit the streets for peaceful rallies, (but) a minority of hardcore demonstrators… used bricks, Molotov cocktails and slingshots after police began routinely using tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowds…”

Activists are demanding political change – greater freedom from the Chinese regime and democratic reforms. A “vast majority of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters are university-educated with almost half in their twenties” – and (according to the pop up store operator) aren’t afraid of dying for their cause.

The “National Calamity Hardware” pop up shop opened to support those protestors – selling personal gas masks, helmets and goggles. The store “sold 50-60 sets of gas masks in the first hour of business”#

The protest pop up isn’t trading for a profit (even though with high demand it could probably make good margins) – offering discounts as high as 90%. Pop up operator Lee Ching-hei was quoted saying “I don’t have much sense for stocktaking and price-setting, so basically we lose money… The youngsters aren’t even afraid of dying. Why should we be afraid of losing reputation and money or bankruptcy?” Lee has rented stores for a single day (twice, so far) – grumbling over the “eye-watering property prices … ‘rents are too high in Hong Kong (he fumed)… so we’re open today, closed tomorrow’ ”

View a video “National Calamity Hardware” protest pop up store here on YouTube.

Another report says that stocks of gas masks in Taiwan have also run low, “as Hong Kong protesters seek fresh supplies”* (maybe making their way to another protest pop up store ?)


# source : Hong Kong protest pop-up store

* source : / gas mask sales soar in Taiwan



images :    Google Images – Hong Kong protest pop up


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