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Alpha Wolf share their pop up experience !


A few weeks ago “metalcore music” band Alpha Wolf hosted their very first pop up merch store, in Fitzroy (Melbourne). They hadn’t done anything like that before… were a bit nervous about the risk of opening a shop and not selling anything (or no-one turning up) ! The organisers used their socials to promote the gig, and invited a few friends to join in… They also video’d the event, from start to finish – and they’re keen to share their pop up experience !

Watch the YouTube video here (warning : contains loud music and coarse language)

That first pop up was a big success, phew. Despite COVID still lurking (and slamming 2x members into 24 hours isolation mid-event), customers lined up outside the store and left happy, with loads of merch. The shop offered a stack of apparel, (limited) vinyl, door prizes – and the opportunity to meet band members in person.

Alpha Wolf are based in Melbourne and have travelled / toured widely (Australia & abroad). Last year saw most of their performances cancelled… after 13 quiet months they’re only just doing events again (not so quietly !)

The Alpha Wolf / Facebook page tells the story of the band’s very first pop up experience, summarised in text and the images below :

“We recently held a Pop-Up Store in our hometown and documented the weekend.

This was the first time we’d all been in the same room since the world shut down.

We owe a big thank you to every person that came to check it out. What a crazy weekend, we couldn’t have imagined it going any better and that’s all thanks to every one that came along and supported us & and all the bands in the shop. We never expected such a positive response to our idea of running a store, we’re overwhelmed, exhausted and ready to do it all again.”*


Watch the Alpha Wolf pop up store video here (another warning : contains loud music and coarse language !)


* source : AlphaWolfcvlt / Facebook



images : Alpha Wolf / Rowan Donohue


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