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Bikinihaus Berlin – a concept shopping mall with integral (permanent) pop up spaces


Originally this structure had two distinct levels, separated by a bare midriff… locals called it the Bikini Building ! And now it hosts pop up shopping.

Bikini Berlin is an iconic group of heritage-listed buildings which has been recently transformed into a bustling hub of shops, food, offices (and more…) – including a concept shopping mall with permanent spaces for pop up. The Bikinihaus is just one structure within the West Berlin Bikini complex, originally completed in 1957 and once home to more than 60 fashion and textile businesses (but “fell into a Sleeping Beauty slumber” when the Berlin Wall was erected). In 2014 the complex was revitalized as a “unique combination of shopping, gastronomy, workspaces, cinema, leisure, recreation and hotel”#

The Bikinihaus shopping mall features 16 light and airy, modular “pop up boxes”, running through the centre of a long retail space and flanked by permanent retailers. The ‘mall is “a compilation of carefully curated and coordinated boutiques and gastro offers” – the pop up boxes give “well-known brands the opportunity to launch a new product and also makes it easier for aspiring young designers to present their creations to the public for the first time”#

Current pop up tenants include several European fashion labels – and Australian leather brand Rust Sydney !


source : Bikinihaus

#source :


Bikinihaus pop up 1

Bikinihaus pop up 2

Bikinihaus Berlin 1

Bikinihaus Berlin 2

Bikinihaus Berlin FI


images : Bikinihaus Berlin – Google Images




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