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comment : pop-up retail by Christina Norsig

We’ve mentioned Christina Norsig twice before at popUPshops Melbourne – both times in reference to a handy guide she has written (see our posts what else pops and 3p’s in pop up) Ms. Norsig’s book is titled “Pop-Up Retail : How You Can Master This Global Phenomenon” – and it is probably the first significant “how-to” manual on planning and manning a pop up shop……

Christina Norsig is CEO and founder of – and arguably the foremost authority on all things pop up in the United States. Her knowledge is based on first-hand experience of developing and hosting numerous temporary stores for her own on-line tableware business in New York City – and from that she has built a network and reputation for helping others along the road to success with their pop up installations. In fact, she’s made another business out of it – as a broker connecting potential poppers with locations across the USA

This book offers more than just a comprehensive check list for the pop up developer to work through (researching a brand’s market and demographic, choosing a location, designing and fitting out the space, creating a buzz… and covering off the legal aspects) – but also the history and context which has given rise to the whole pop up phenomenon

…“I’ve come to realise this is not just a new format in retailing but an evolution in the industry… It is a retail concept that follows the ebb and flow of consumer tastes. Nothing is forever. There’s always something new. And that’s good for business”

But will this guide (written from the author’s experience of retail in North American) translate well to the Australian marketplace ? I think it does…. the US pop-up scene has come out of the initial pop up “learning curve” and now curates some very sophisticated temporary installations . I’d suggest that in Australia we are still within the curve – yet to mature and step out with awesome pop up experiences – and guides such as Pop-Up Retail will serve well for our budding local pop up entrepreneurs

Ms. Norsig is obviously a very passionate (and competent) player in the world of pop up. She is not alone in recognising how the basics and traditions of retail have shifted (many industry experts have lamented those changes) – but she is one of the few to jump up and embrace the new. And luckily for us, has been generous in sharing her experiences to date….


Pop-up retail : how you can master this global phenomenon by Christina Norsig.

First edition 2011. Published by Bauhaus Press, New York, NY.

Our copy was purchased on – for AU$33.74 including shipping (and arrived in 2 weeks)


featured image : Pop-Up Retail by Christina Norsig


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