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containers and trucks, plastic and cardboard

It should be no surprise that pop ups won’t only occur within vacant high street stores – and that sometimes they’re not even using “bricks and mortar”…. Steel shipping containers have been a trusty choice for many “pop up” applications – they are modular, strong and weatherproof, can be fully fitted out prior to delivery and then easily transported between different locations – so they’ll just roll off a truck, ready to plug in the power and swing open the doors ! Canadian blog Toronto is Fashion described how UK brand Topshop used a collection of containers for their pop up in Toronto last year, opening for just 2 days within a suburban carpark – lining the spaces between with fake grass and sun lounges – all as a teaser prior to opening their first local (permanent) store An extreme (and very clever) installation was seen with a whole “city” of containers in New Zealand’s Christchurch  – following massive earthquake damage there in February 2011. Around 27 stylish container shops opened in the City Mall Re:START project just 8 months after the major earthquake – with most of those stores still trading today and others only recently changing back to permanent structures In the US they’re doing roaring trade from old delivery-style trucks, re-fitted as mobile fashion boutiques, florists and even hair salons ! The West Coast Mobile Retail Association has a small but growing number of members, rolling out their wares throughout California…. Okay, containers certainly make sense. I did say they are modular and strong and weatherproof… But this even sounds kind of boring… after all, they are still essentially…. a box. And there’s only so much creativity and colour you can add to a hard steel box At another end of the creative spectrum are much “softer” installations – built entirely of plastic or cardboard. In southern France they offer pop up hotel rooms entirely within clear plastic – follow this link to the Bubble Hotel article on – you gotta see this to believe it ! Across in the UK, Duke Studios is using 100% recycled paper and cardboard in the fit out of studio offices – seen at recently. And finally, much closer to home…. quirky fashion brand Lulamae created a stunning (and very eco-friendly !) cardboard interior for their initial location at Melbourne Central, late in 2009…. as seen at Indesign   featured image : Christchurch Re:START

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