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Disney pop up magic


This pop up didn’t have to open its doors (…the crowds already loved it…)

The masters of feel-good entertainment and innovation, Disney recently delighted un-suspecting visitors with their pop into a Long Island (New York) Westfield shopping centre.  As people walked through the mall, shadows of Disney characters appeared live on a blank shop-front, mimicking the shopper’s movements. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and co. danced and waved, shuffled and threw ball with amused (and bemused) visitors.

Hidden cameras tracked the movements of passing shoppers, which allowed the characters inside the store to respond… casting their live shadows on the opaque glass. And then of course the doors swung open… and out came the larger-than-life Disney favorites, to greet (and cuddle) shoppers… aw !

The “Umbra Penumbra Magic Shop” didn’t sell anything (not a plush ‘Mouse or ‘Duck in sight) – the installation was just a way to reach out to fans in the middle of a very cold US winter, spreading a little Disney warmth and happiness.

You gotta watch this Youtube video – 2.5million views already – (there’s always something thrilling and magical about Disney…)


Disney Long Island 1     Disney Long Island     Disney Long Island 2

images :  Disney shadows, Long Island NY



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