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Do you need a pop-up experience ?


A couple of media articles consider the pop-up experience.

Two online articles from the US discuss the state-of-play with pop up retail – both of them say it’s still a hot ticket… started their analysis of the pop-up experience saying “in 2019, the idea of a pop-up shop is no longer a novelty. When the idea first began… the concept of a temporary store was enough to pique people’s interests”. Quoting the CEO of (UK-based) Appear Here, pop-ups “have become part of the landscape… like the first mobile phones, after a few years they weren’t a novelty anymore”*

But they’re not suggesting pop-ups have become ho-hum. Glossy conducted a survey of retail brands and “found that pop-up came in second for marketing opportunities for 2019, behind collaborations”. Pop-ups are (still) “an excellent way to get discovered, especially for younger brands”, paired with other marketing initiatives (eg. Instagram). “The low cost of digital acquisition is no longer a reality” says the article, as everyone (online) is trying to target the same demographic. In one brand’s pop up experience, pop-ups serve as “a fantastic tool for brand discovery and audience acquisition – a desirable alternative to the noise of Instagram ads where brands are easily drowned in the sea of competition”*

The other article, appearing at said that “experiential retail is hot right now…A plethora of companies are announcing pop-up stores to capitalize on a full-sensory experience”. The author suggested “there is value in these (pop-up) retail extensions: it builds brand awareness, engagement, and can allow you to test a new revenue stream” But (they say…) “there’s also a downside…. an over-saturation of retail experiences – there seems to be pop up stores for everything”#

And (say both articles…) it takes investment to get it right. Glossy said ”pop-up spaces… not to mention all of the other costs associated… can cost just as much as opening a permanent store”*. The RetailCustomerExperience article suggests “before you devote time and energy to creating a complete unique and temporary retail experience, assess the potential ROI… Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are my goals and vision for the pop-up?
  • What would it cost to deliver on that?
  • What does success look like? Buzz? Sales? Data collection?
  • How do we measure that success metric?”#


* source : / pop up shops have staying power

# source : / some retailers dont need a pop up experience




image : Google Images : pop-up experience

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