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Is it a pop up store, or an event ?


Sometimes the line is blurred – is that pop up for shopping, or is it just to attract attention ?

Recently I read an article with the title “why beauty brands pop-ups are primarily event spaces, not stores”. The article on discussed how some brands have harnessed the characteristics of pop up – with the intention of gaining attention or gathering data, rather than selling product. Often there is nothing to purchase in those beauty stores… occasionally there’s no inventory at all !

Instead, those stores provide experiences. The trend in these latest beauty pop ups has been the provision of unique activities – masterclasses in technique (hair and makeup), discussion panels with Q&A sessions, celebrity appearances and complimentary activities (mediation and yoga…) – usually featuring industry experts and/or high-profile personalities. And if those personalities have huge social media audiences, to help broadcast the event… that’s even better.

Over the past few months several beauty businesses have launched (or re-launched) themselves with a physical presence, hosting pop up installations in busy shopping precincts or uber-cool locations – but more as branding exercises than revenue-earning events.

The rationale behind those no-sales events is the marketing opportunities they present. Many of those pop ups were ticketed (and often sold out). While tickets are allocated for specific session times – and to control general crowd numbers – they’re also “opportunities for brands to collect valuable consumer data”* (and that’s where the marketers come in…)

Last year YSL invited “beauty influencers” Manny Gutierrez and Sarahi Gonzales to run pop up masterclasses in New York, tapping into their massive social audiences (7.9million Insta followers between those two…)*

Also in New York, The Nue Co (a beauty supplement company, previously only available on Net-a-Porter*) opened a pop up store for 3 weeks in January this year… The Glossy article stated that “the goal is to get the most bang for the brand’s buck, before the pop-up closes”* Founder Jules Miller was also quoted saying “ ‘the temporary store is more of a marketing initiative than it is about pushing product’, going as far as to call it a new media platform to exploit”* Whilst The Nue Co. store did sell product, it also featured yoga and meditation classes, and panels focused on the future of beauty.*


* source : – why beauty brand pop-ups are primarily event spaces


YSL pop up Soho NYC Dec2017


image :    Soho pop-up shop, YSL 2017


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