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Is mouse on the menu of your pop up ?


This NYC pop up food shop closed, after a mouse appeared amongst the pies !

Ahmad Saad Ragad, a resident of Brooklyn NYC wasn’t quite sure what he saw under the ratatouille and goats cheese pies on Monday night… but soon enough a furry critter re-appeared to nibble on the crumbs. He took a few pics and told the store worker about seeing a live mouse. He said “it’s in the case” – but the server was on his ‘phone and went back to his conversation !

It seems that was the wrong response for Mr. Ragad… Unfortunately for Mighty Pie (operating the pop up pie stand at the north end of Union Square Park in New York City), Mr Ragad has a Twitter profile and he posted one of those images online – @PersistentCooki.

The New York Post reported a “city inspector found ‘multiple violations’ during a Tuesday visit” – but the Mighty Pie stand closed before a report could be reviewed by the Health Department.*

The lesson here is, of course… don’t let a mouse into your pop up pie case. And if it does get in, shut the store immediately and call in the pest control ! (hopefully before a customer complains… and posts it on social media)


* source : – Mouse in the ratatouille shuts down pop-up eatery


Mighty Pie Union Square Park NYC

Mighty Pie mouse - @PersistentCooki FI


images : Mighty Pie NYC, @PersistentCooki


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