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Join the dots to pop up


Connecting folks to explore pop-up opportunities (here’s a great chance, right now…)

One of the services we offer at (Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney !) is to connect people… either with locations suitable for pop up shops – or with introductions to other folk looking to collaborate on a venture.

At popUPshops we’re not brokers… we don’t actually facilitate the shops nor lease the locations. Instead, we see our role as more of a discussion and resources hub. Sometimes we just put like-minded people in contact, and let them work out if there may be opportunities together…

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a number of enquiries from individuals and businesses looking for pop-up space before Christmas – some of them also keen to explore the concept of sharing a shop with other brands. It can make good sense… the costs and effort of opening the ‘shop can be spread across wider shoulders, staffing and logistics are made a little easier… and there’s amazing potential for cross-promotion and wider exposure. Customers who visit the pop up for one brand or style of product are introduced to other items within the store – rather like a highly-specialised, tiny department store (think mini-Myer !)

Quite recently there were a few businesses which seemed to me to be on a similar wave-length… the demographic, timing and locations they each sought suggested there may be an opportunity to join forces. Even the price point of their products (mid to premium) seemed to align. And so, I sent them a group message… “I thought you guys might like to chat…”

Oh boy, did they like that invitation ! Within a day each had responded… (yes, we’re keen to talk with the others…) I understand they’ve all since been in contact to see if something might work together. This close to Christmas I imagine they’ll be working hard to make it happen, very soon.

One of those businesses is still keen to hear from other brands interested in joining a pre-Christmas pop up. The proprietor of Outside the Bubble (…”unique designer accessories from around the world…”) had a pop up shop a couple of summers ago… and learnt loads about her customers (and her brand). Jocelyn sent me some comments on her experience – really good stuff (“…I loved hearing the customers’ feedback, always highlighting how unique and beautiful the pieces were. It was a great experience and taught us a huge amount about how our customers think and what they really want….”) Reading through Jocelyn’s email I think there’s content for another blog post, just based on her insight ! (watch this space…)

And in the meantime… if anyone is interested to join Outside the Bubble for a Melbourne pop up this season… feel free to contact Jocelyn directly by email. Be quick !


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2 comment to "Join the dots to pop up"

  1. Maria 25/12/2015

    I would like to know please if I can find a space or retail to make a pop up during the month of January 2016 on Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento, Vic 3943.
    I look forward to hear from you.
    Many thanks,


  2. Paula 21/04/2016

    Great to see collaborative pop ups – I actually had this idea in mind for our business “Punch Park” which is a new collective of local labels.
    It would be good to hook up with complimentary brands later this year after we launch online – we are an urban lifestyle brand featuring locally designed clothing and accessories which are inspired by nature and we present our brands with our other great love home grown music and vintage gear (Sydney only…)


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