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Just plain cranky (?) – not just about pop up…


A Queensland shopper hates being waylaid in the mall…

The Sunshine Coast Daily has published Opinion by a local worker who feels she is being accosted every time she visits her local shopping mall. “… I don’t mean physically accosted, just verbally waylaid…these pop-up people are always overly cheerful, way too hearty and annoyingly jolly…” she complains.

And then goes on to describe her other annoyance – with telemarketers who somehow manage to track her down by phone “…you can never win with a telemarketer…” she concludes.

Okay, I think (…hope…) the author is joking about her annoyance, just voicing a little frustration. Perhaps her mood could be lightened by stopping to chat with those pesky pop up people occasionally… hearing what they have to offer, at least feigning some interest…Those “overly cheerful” souls are only doing their job, perhaps being “way too hearty” as a mechanism to counter the cranky public they’re trying to engage…



Sunshine Coast Daily pop up people

image : file shot from the Sunshine Coast Daily article

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