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Krispy Kreme pops up to celebrate


US doughnut brand seeks applications to host a pop up.

For most of last month Krispy Kreme (USA) invited submissions to win a temporary Krispy Kreme Pop-Up Experience… a day of free doughnuts, paper hats and “other fun surprises”*, served from a 20’ custom-made pop up shop (within the US only).

The pop-up opportunity is part of the brand’s birthday celebrations – culminating this Friday July 10th in a day of a dozen doughnuts on sale for under a dollar (but read closer… you buy the first 12 Original Glazed doughnuts at full price, then the second 12 are 78 cents each !). Why 78 cents ?… to celebrate 78 years (two years ago the offer was 76 cents)

The pop up shop applications were posted on the #winkrispykreme Twitter site… open between June 8th and 29th. Many of the entries were, um, quite uninspiring – but others showed real initiative ! It seems the citizens of Witchita Falls (Texas) are not pleased that their closest Krispy Kreme store is almost 100 miles away… and so submitted their “End the Sadness” video, set to the mournful strains of R.E.M.’s Everybody Hurts. The description on their YouTube site says “the lack of Krispy Kreme doughnuts in Witchita Falls has caused widespread depression across the city”.

Goodness me, it sounds like Witchita Falls sure needs a dose of Original Glazed sweetness !


Watch the End the Sadness, Krispy Kreme, Choose Witchita Falls video here.


*source :

 Krispy Kreme pop up       Krispy Kreme  - The Local Data Company


images : #winkrispykreme, Google Images Krispy Kreme pop up (© Local Data Company)

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