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Looking out for pop up locations (again…)


Calling all landlords and agents (again… ) – if ever there was a time to consider pop up retail, this is it !

Who has property ready for pop up, available right now ? With Spring upon us already (and Summer / Christmas just around the corner…) – I’d say the pop up machine is about to move into top gear… And there are certainly opportunities for landlords to get onboard.

Previously on this blog we’ve discussed winning with pop up… suggesting there can be a win-win-win (for retailers-landlords-communities) – and I stand by that theory. But at this time of year I have other theories as well – that any pop up spaces which aren’t already leased… are likely to be snapped up pretty quickly ! And if they still aren’t let by the end of October the opportunity will have passed… retailers will soon be focused on Christmas and the whole fit-out industry (planners to fabricators) will start to wind down (and stop…) over summer. With the prospect of a few more empty months, it’s a great time to open vacant shops to temporary tenants – and see what happens…

There are loads of reasons why October through to January are especially good months for pop up retail, mostly because people are out and about – in the mood to shop, but also open to new and interesting concepts. Pop up is all about temporary installations and making the most of opportunities – and this is the time of year when the “stars align” for pop up. Obviously it’s leading up to our Christmas buying frenzy and the “January Sales” – but also just because the weather is fine and folks are on holiday, and there are loads of events happening around the major shopping hubs. It all spells peak season in retail – and so the next few months is peak season for pop up as well !

Right now, the clever pop-up operators are busy planning their stores for Spring and Summer… locking in a location, finalising stock, booking shopfittings and scheduling their social media campaigns.

It’s certainly no surprise to me… this flurry of activity happens around the same time every year. And, as with previous years, it starts (for me) with loads more enquiries for pop up spaces. Just over the past couple of weeks (right on cue…), I’ve had many more requests for help with locations and how-to-get-the-ball-rolling. Which is great, that’s what our popUPshops sites are here for ! It’s also a busy time for us at instant retail (in Melbourne…) as those stores order their pop up fittings !

The trouble is… we don’t have enough locations to satisfy the enquiries. If ever there was a time for landlords to consider pop up retail, this has to be it !

Who’s got empty space, ready to welcome a pop up (and what have you got to lose) ?


Looking out for pop up locations.... again

image : looking out for pop up

2 comment to "Looking out for pop up locations (again…)"

  1. michael 01/10/2015

    I have a location suitable for a pop up shop. It’s in Darling Street Balmain in one of the busiest spots, high profile location.


    • Marcio 24/01/2016

      Hi Michael
      Are you still with the shop available?
      What size?
      I needed about 100m2 space, we are bringing high end furniture from Indonesia and introducing in the market here.
      Would be a great opportunity to show in a space as such.


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