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Not a pop up store…


This premium global brand should know better than pretend to pop up.

A few days ago I saw a blog post announcing “Bvlgari launches first Australian mobile Christmas pop-up store” When I first read the headline I thought ‘cool… another luxury brand is using pop up in Australia ! Bulgari is Italian… hopefully they’ll pop out something stylish, sexy and exclusive…’

Country Managing Director of Bulgari Australia, Brad Harvey was quoted… “As Christmas is the busiest time of the year for all of us we saw the need to bring Bulgari to your doorstep. The mobile Christmas pop-up store offers a hand-picked holiday selection of gifts to make Christmas shopping easy…”#

But I am disappointed – this is not a pop up store at all. It seems that Bulgari has just launched an on-line sale – only accessible via your mobile (“…please scan the QR code or enter the URL directly into your mobile browser…”), and I wouldn’t call that a pop up. There’s a couple of essential pop up elements missing – it offers no physical experience, and there’s nothing original or enticing (about another on-line sale…)

Regular followers of this blog will know that I have a bit of “an issue” with virtual pop up shops. There is no such thing – those “events” which exist only on-line are using the essence of pop up as a grab for attention, without making the slightest effort to embrace the characteristics of good (genuine) pop up… I don’t quite see how / why Bulgari might think that a click to their on-line store has any claim to being a legitimate pop up experience.

But (thankfully) the same can’t be said for other businesses in the premium LVMH stable (too many to mention here !) – many of those brands have used pop up extensively and effectively – retail stores, exhibitions, bars and even a pop-up-hotel in St. Tropez.

Westfield Sydney is currently hosting a Louis Vuitton Pop-Up Store (open 18th November to 18th December), featuring a selection of their Men’s “Spring-Summer 2017 Pre-Collection”* That pop up is housed in a rather unusual, purpose-built shell… a very shiny dome emblazoned with elephant motifs. The 900kg structure was created (in 48 sections) using a large format 3D printer, and took a further 3 days to assemble.

Not every Louis Vuitton pop up has been well received – see our December 2013 article a lesson for Louis (Vuitton) ! And although the intentions and execution of most LVMH “pop up” installations have usually been appropriate to achieve that description… I couldn’t say that about the Australian Bulgari Christmas campaign (it’s not a pop up store at all)


#source : launches first Australian mobile Christmas pop-up store

*source : Westfield Sydney – Louis Vuitton Pop-Up Store



Bulgari | Fine Italian Jewllry




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