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Pop up crowd control


Could this mean the event was a success ?

On a Thursday afternoon recently (19th September) there was a series of pop up stores in 3 north American cities, each promoting the latest release by Canadian pop rapper, songwriter and actor Drake. The stores offered free “Nothing Was The Same” T-shirts, hoodies and long-sleeve tees, apparently worth sleeping out overnight from Wednesday. Just prior to the 1pm opening in New York, the line was stretched along 3 blocks…

But around 90 minutes later the NYPD were called in and an ambulance arrived. A staff member said there was a fight in front of the shop, another announced “the Drake thing is off”. Police started disbursing the crowd.

A store staff member later confirmed “There was no fight. That was just a rumour. We ran out of shirts and needed to clear the line…”

Yes, I’d say this shop was probably a success ! I’ll assume the event was all about promoting the Drake “brand”… and this would’ve ticked several of the marketing boxes. It was highly anticipated (a long queue before opening), moved all its stock (even though they were freebies) – and the pop up also created something else to talk about (maybe not intentional… but street fights – or not – gave the fans another reason to keep the chat going, and media to take another look)


Drake pop up shop New York.


image : Drake pop up store, New York.


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