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Pop up interview USA


It’s not often we link to other content (usually prefer to do our own thing, be somewhat original – just like a great pop up !)… but I thought this video is worth sharing.

Melissa Gonzales is one of the outspoken champions of pop up in the USA… here she chats with Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers” about the phenomenon of pop-up retail. She discusses the “retailing-anywhere society” and how changes in landlord’s attitudes are helping with the growth of pop up shops across the US (and London, Australia, New Zealand)

Ms. Gonzales is CEO of The Lion’esque Group (“pop-up architects”) – having produced 70+ pop up retail experiences around New York, Los Angeles and the Hamptons. She is also on the advisory board with our friends at Storefront… obviously passionate and knowledgeable about the philosophies and trends of pop up !


Video link : Bloomberg – an inside look at the pop up retail phenomenon


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