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pop-up is a BuzzWord


It seems that “pop-up” has a new accolade… the term has been awarded the status of “BuzzWord” !

The Macmillan Dictionary has just included “pop-up” on its list of latest BuzzWords, commenting… “The expression pop-up shop first began to appear around the new millennium, the same idea also sometimes described as flash retailing… in the 21st century, it seems that pop-up has broadened its horizons and matured into an extremely useful adjective, now used productively in expressions which describe any kind of temporary enterprise.”*

The mention with Macmillan joins other references – Wikipedia, Oxford, Macquarie and Collins dictionaries each include definitions of pop-up shop and retail… which certainly suggests that the term (and the very concept of pop up) has been absorbed into contemporary culture…

Macmillan’s pop-up page also includes a list of other current BuzzWords… some of them I’m familiar with (flash mob, regift, showrooming), but others are new to me. Who ever heard of “BOGOL” (buy one get one later), “glamping” (a luxury form of camping) and “sheddie” (person who creates a comfortable living space in a shed)… ?


*source – Macmillan Dictionary / BuzzWord entries / pop-up


Featured image : Macmillan Dictionary BuzzWord

Macmillan Dictionary BuzzWord


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