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Pop up subscribers see more of Australia


Exciting times as we test our new site…

Subscribers to the popUPshops Melbourne blog posts might’ve noticed something different this week… we’re now posting as popUPshops Australia !

And some of you might have also received our newsletter for the very first time… it seems there was a bit of a glitch in some original settings and not everyone on the list saw our “latest news” emails (oops, sorry !) So… if this is your first (or second…) message from the desk of popUPshops… welcome (and thanks for following !)

We’ve been working hard on the new popUPshops sites… now into live testing and tweaking the features. Please stay with us as we migrate to a national format, and expand our reach across 4 more Aussie cities ! More details on the new sites will follow soon…

And in the meantime, we’d really appreciate your comments and contributions to the new sites… What pop ups are happening now (or soon…)  in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney ? Who knows the best pop up locations in each of those cities – is anything available for lease right now ?


popUPshops Melbourne

image :    popUPshops Melbourne

One comment to "Pop up subscribers see more of Australia"

  1. Mjjjeercat 07/06/2015

    Fantastic news! I love this blog and very excited that it’s spreading the pop-up message across Australia.


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