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PopUp Republic reports on pop ups


Impressive estimates of the US pop up industry – $50billion in annual sales !

One of my global pop-up contacts is Mr. Jeremy Baras, CEO of the successful (and prolific) Pop up Republic – based in Chicago but working across the whole of the USA (and 6 cities in Canada). PopUp Republic offers a wide range of services for pop ups via their network of web and social media platforms – publishing details of pop ups trading and of spaces available, also recently launching an on-line store of products offered by their customers. This business is coming up to its 3rd birthday and has achieved a wide following (around 10000 Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers…) – also setting some great benchmarks for the marketing and support of pop up shops.

In addition to pop up retail stores (they’ve listed over 7000 to date), PopUp Republic also promotes other pop up events – especially pop up restaurants and dining. It was through their pages that I first came across details of Le Diner en Blanc (and have since become a great fan of the concept… can’t wait for the inaugural Melbourne event in March 2015 !)

And so it’s appropriate that PopUp Republic recently undertook some research into the US pop-up industry, and came up with some rather impressive findings. Their first task was to define what makes a “pop up” – “the most common feature that pop-ups share is they are temporary and can last an hour, a day, a week or months, but by definition, have a beginning and an end. As a second qualification… pop-ups are exclusive, impromptu and/or feature handmade, locally sourced products…” Interestingly, “70 percent of more than 1,000 U.S. adults surveyed said they have not visited or shopped at a pop-up”. But Jeremy Baras says “if you’ve ever been to a yard sale, farmers market or Christmas tree lot, you have shopped at a pop-up… (they are) are more pervasive than Americans think”*.

The study estimated annual sales of around USD$50billion can be attributed to the pop-up retail industry. They used approximate sales numbers provided by the US government, trade associations or third-party organizations to arrive at their conclusions – eg. the total annual US retail market is approximately $4.5 trillion and the size of the online retail market is $300 billion. The categories defined by PopUp Republic (as pop-up) account for “just a slice, albeit a very significant slice, of the pie” says Jeremy.

The PopUp Republic poll also asked why customers shopped or visited pop-ups… most were looking for seasonal products (61%), others for new or unique services/products (39 percent), to shop locally (36 percent), for great prices (34 percent), for convenience (33 percent) and to have a fun experience (30 percent).*


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PopUp Republic

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