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Purpose-made Bieber-mania pop-up


New York and Toronto embrace “the Bieb” pop up shops.

It’s not uncommon for a pop-up to be done with a purpose – it’s kind of obvious that any short-term store will have an objective… perhaps to sell stock, meet new customers or to test out a new location… But it is a bit unusual that a pop up is actually about “Purpose”. No, that’s not a quest for the meaning of life, it is the name of the latest studio album from Justin Bieber – and his current World Tour. In case you hadn’t already heard… between March 9th and November 29th “the Bieb” will perform 114 concerts across North America, Asia and Europe* (none in Australia though…) And it seems that pop up will be part of the show…

Of course there’s a range of limited-edition Purpose apparel to accompany the tour – tops and tees, caps and socks, sweatpants and more – especially designed for the event. And popping up along the route of the tour have been a couple of flash-sale shops already, coinciding with local concert dates. 2 weeks ago New Yorkers braved the overnight rain to queue up to be first into the Manhattan Purpose pop up. Fans entered the store five at a time, with instructions of a five-minute shopping limit and maximum of four items, but only one of each…# A highlight for some lucky fans was the appearance of Mr. Bieber himself, trying on some of his own merchandise and posing for selfies with “Beliebers”. And just yesterday another Bieber pop up opened in Toronto… to a similar scenario of a queue snaking around the block, with limits to the number of shoppers let in and their time to browse (in groups of thirty – for three minutes !) But there was no visit by the Bieb on the first day^ (maybe today…)

Many other celebrities have used pop up – and it can be pretty big business… Kanye West boasted sales of $1million over just 2 days in New York a couple of months ago (hmmm… ?), while actor / rapper / songwriter Drake has been popping up for a couple of years now (see our article pop up crowd control from October 2013). Even David Beckham with his pop up whisky bar, and Hollywood A-lister Gwyneth Paltrow (see Gwyneth, goop and pop up) have used the formulas of pop up with some success !


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Justin Bieber Purpose pop up New York

Justin Bieber Purpose Tour pop up

Justin Bieber Purpose pop up Toronto


images : from Justin Bieber Facebook page


2 comment to "Purpose-made Bieber-mania pop-up"

  1. Sophia 13/10/2016

    Will there be a purpose popup store in Melbourne??? Pls tell me asap


  2. Rebekah 20/02/2017

    Will there be a Purpose pop-up shop in Brisbane?? Please tell me


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