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Risky business ? (part 2) again


A re-hash of the question we posed back in June 2013 – “…what if your pop up… falls down ?” Hopefully the comments are still valid, and some of these contacts are still providing pop up insurance solutions…


…what if your pop up… falls down ? (continued…)

A couple of weeks ago we posted an article as introduction to the topic of pop up shop insurance… risky business (part 1) discussed the frustrations experienced by some pop up operators (and me !) in finding insurance for temporary events. Now, as promised… I have more detail (and a couple of helpful hints) to pass on. As you read this article and consider my experience… please keep in mind that every situation will be different for insurance requirements – and I’m certainly no expert in such matters ! (see the Disclaimer below) Based on my own enquiries, it seems some of the major retail insurance brands (the common household names – offering home and contents, motor vehicle or “small business” insurance) may have products for pop up, but it does vary between the providers.

2 out of the 4 insurance brokers I approached had no answers…. literally (despite chasing them !) Until eventually I found a pro-active broker (a “friend-of-a friend” connection) who was willing to listen, understand the issue – and research the topic for me !

My contact discovered that Freeman McMurrick may have a solution. It seems that Freeman McMurrick offer a standard insurance product for market stall holders providing protection for Public and Products Liability.

What : Public and Product Liability Insurance for market stall holders

Where : Freeman McMurray Stall Holder Liability

On the topic of “stall holder” insurance, the Market Stall Holders Register provides links to several insurance providers (including Freeman McMurrick). Another provider you might consider is – they have a simple, online “Shop Insurance Package” which may be suitable for some pop up shop situations. As always, it is important that you do the homework around what policy will be best suited to your business – and don’t forget to ask plenty of questions of the insurance providers.

Pop up operators should also consider protection for their other risks – property insurance (stock and contents, fixtures and fittings), goods in transit, shop front glass cover etc…. Our contact suggests these should be addressed on a case-by-case basis, as every installation and event will be different. We’re aware that Aon Risk Services may offer this type of insurance.

What : Property and other Insurance covers

Where : toll free at Aon 1800 647 667, or at Aon Risk Services

My humble advice… is to make sure you do your own research, ask lots of questions – and be prepared to read through the lengthy PDS the insurance providers will send you !

Do you have a “pop up insurance” story to tell, know of a good product or solution ? Please let us know !

Disclaimer : This information is for general advice only and does not constitute qualified or licenced opinion. popUPshops Melbourne has no financial or beneficial association with any contacts offered in this article. Except in the interest of suggesting helpful contacts, we do not endorse or recommend individual insurance providers and products.


Update January 2015… another ‘broker with specific experience in pop up shop insurance is Eastern Equity Insurance – supporters of popUPshopsMelbourne. For the past year or so Eastern Equity has been taking enquiries made via their advertisement on our pages… contact them on 08 8215 0088.



91. Risky business part 2

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