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Safe’n’sound in your pop up


Ensure your pop up shop is secure !

All-too-often it takes a terrible accident to remind us of the importance to do things properly…

The has published the report of fashion label Hugo Boss currently in a UK court, facing a “huge fine” over the accidental death of a toddler within one of its’ UK pop up stores. 4 year old Austen Harrison suffered extensive head injuries when crushed by a large mirror in June 2013… and died in hospital four days later.

The report describes how a 7 foot high (2.1mtr), 250 pound (113 kg) mirror was unsecured within change rooms of the Oxfordshire pop-up store, even though installation instructions stated it required fixing to a reinforced wall. According to prosecuting lawyers, “contractors had hurried to convert the pop-up shop…”, initially installing the mirror in one area – but it was later relocated. The 3-way structure was standing upright but unsecured within a change room when the child moved the mirror wings, causing it to topple.

The court has heard that Hugo Boss introduced a company policy for monthly health and safety checks within its’ UK stores in 2002 – but apparently didn’t apply that to pop up stores. The Oxford crown court judge will sentence Hugo Boss today (Friday).

Shouldn’t that make you think twice about the fittings you’ll install in your own pop up shop ? Even though a pop-up seems to “appear overnight” that doesn’t mean the fit-out can be shoddy. We see many stores which are certainly unique – using re-cycled, up-cycled and quirky display materials… but many of those fittings were not designed for retail or public use, and can’t be adequately secured. Health and safety should be a major concern for all visitors and staff to your store – to the extent that if something isn’t secure, the door shouldn’t open…

That’s also why (in the worst case, if a tragedy does occur) you must be adequately insured. “Accidents waiting to happen” – such as an unsecured mirror – may well be contested by the insurer, exposing you to personal liability. And the terrible knowledge of the suffering you may cause by cutting a few corners. Just not worth it.



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