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The 2018 pop up season is almost upon us


After a short break… pop up shops are about to pop up all over again !

I suppose in the years I’ve been involved in pop ups (building since 2010… blogging since 2012) I’ve seen thousands of pop up shops and events come and go – some have been inspiring and spectacular, whilst others have been a bit tame. One thing’s for sure… you never can tell what they’ll offer, until the doors pop open (and finally close !)

Another thing you can (almost) bank on… pop ups will be few-and-far-between in January.

In the past I’ve said there is a “season” for pop up shops – meaning the lead up to Christmas (that’s when we’re more likely to see a flurry of smaller retail pop ups, making the most of the spending frenzy). But around Melbourne the pop up season probably begins anytime from now on…

Later in the year it does get more hectic. Especially with fashion and retail pop ups things do start to ramp up from August – beginning with Melbourne Fashion Week, leading into our Spring Racing Carnival, morphing into the Black Friday sales, and finally onto Christmas…

Phew, no wonder it all seems to stop dead in January… the retailers and event planners are exhausted (not to mention the shoppers !)

It happens every year – there is a distinct break in the pop up season after the end of December. But come February (…starting next week…) we’ll start to see those pop up warehouse sales, product launches and quirky media events come back. From around mid-January we’ve had enquiries for pop up spaces and bookings for new events… I’d say 2018 is on schedule to be another busy pop up season…

Boom ! explosion      

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One comment to "The 2018 pop up season is almost upon us"

  1. Jenny 05/02/2018

    Hi, looking for a pop up space to sell children’s clothing. I’m located in the Dandenong Ranges, so looking for something in the area. Thanks


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