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The best pop-up activations of 2019…


A summary of (some of) the very best pop-up activations across the globe through 2019. Not all of those were traditional retail events… some were distinctly un-conventional !

It’s not often we’ll quote straight from a single source, especially if our article is about a variety of events or pop-up activations… but this recent blog post from Insider Trends is so comprehensive we thought we’d just publish the link and let our readers sift through the details !

The 51 best pop-up stores of 2019 article starts with… “Pop-ups are now big business for the world’s biggest retailers. All over the world, pop-ups with a wide variety of purposes are opening… we’ve seen hundreds this year on our travels. Not all of them made a lasting impression though…”*

And then they go on to announce their “pick of the best 51 pop-stores of 2019”. I’d wondered why they didn’t stop at a nice round number… 50 ? But there’s nothing conventional about most of those pop-up activations – so there’s no reason to stop at a conventional 50 !

The list is peppered with loads of examples of innovative / creative / technology-based installations – often blending offline and online retailing, occasionally supporting ethical and community initiatives – as well as the usual product activations (and of course, social-media integrations)

There are insights and comments on many of those pop-up activations :

“…a great example of a brand having fun with tech, and using it to drive footfall (#20 – KitKat) …many retail experts think bookable, exclusive experiences will play a big part in the future of retail (#22 – Lego) … increasingly, pop-ups are seen as a marketing and brand awareness opportunity rather than a means of driving sales (#29 – Moncler) …opening pop-ups in unusual locations is an increasingly popular way of creating brand buzz and driving footfall (#33 – Paco Rabanne) …an excellent way of showing that a brand stands for something beyond commercial ambition (#43 – Sainsbury’s) …a really interesting attempt to bring online and offline together, and possibly holds a clue about the future of shopping centres (#50 – Westfield Trending)”

Read the full article / list at / the 51 best pop-up stores of 2019

Insider Trends is a UK-based consultancy… “everything Insider Trends does is about the future of retail. Gain sales, grab headlines and get ahead…” It seems they’re BIG fans of pop-up activations – and they publish some great images ! Last month Insider Trends ran three retail trends / retail innovation articles on pop ups – their best December pop-up shops around London and New York… and then those “51 best of 2019…”


* source : / the 51 best pop-up stores of 2019


images :


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