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The continuing demand for Trump pop up merchandise…


Around this time last year I posted an article about the run-up to the US presidential election – and the opportunity those campaigns posed for pop up merchandise. Back then, it really wasn’t clear who would win (and according to some, it still isn’t !). But back in late 2020 a whole lot of people were feeling a whole lot of excitement about the Trump / Biden race…

Last October I predicted Trump-branded items would probably keep selling, even if he lost the election – see Only in America – pop up presidential merchandise.

So I wasn’t surprised a few weeks ago when I saw an article confirming just that – “… from gun shows to state fairs, the traveling booths and retail shops that proliferated during the 2020 campaign are still cheerily promoting the 45th president…”.Ah ha, it seems that Trump merchandise is “still going strong”#

Some of the items have been updated to the current (non-Trump) presidential era… “T-shirts that show the face of Trump with the words ‘Miss me yet?’ replicate ones that featured the face of Barack Obama four years ago. Hoodies that say ‘Biden is Not My President’ and signs that proclaim ‘Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Trump’ are selling well”#

Just a week or so out from the 2020 election one business had 13 pop up stores open across 3 US states.^ According to the recent ( article, owner Keith Lambert “operated 22 retail stores in the months leading up to the election… (but) he’s now scaled down to 3…” Lambert has “found that the demand for MAGA-themed merchandise (still) exists outside of an election cycle.”# (MAGA = Make America Great Again, Trump-style…)

Interestingly though, the article suggests that “the appetite for MAGA merchandise does not necessarily predict that Trump would win if he runs again… Privately, some Trump supporters are saying that they hope he will not run in 2024 and that he will instead support a candidate who will promote his policies and vision. Some others are hesitant to start waving the Trump 2024 flag for fear of offending the eventual nominee if Trump decides not to run.”#

I searched for other media commentary on the current popularity of post-election Trump merchandise… didn’t find much. But I did stumble across the “news” page at the official website – it has dozens of current articles- 12 posted last Friday (24th September), 12 the day before…etc. They mostly include a one-line “statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America”*. I only clicked on a couple of those statements… didn’t bother with the rest. I suppose they post something different each time ?

Umm, whoever thinks that Donald Trump might not run again in 2024… hasn’t been reading his news pages !



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