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The importance of pop-up stores, explained


The current edition of the Australian Interior Fitout Association’s quarterly magazine includes a two page spread on pop ups ! Local branding specialist Paris Young discusses the philosophies and importance of pop-up stores within our changing retail landscape. e-commerce has “well and truly disrupted” the game, she says – and “left retailers with brick-and-mortar stores re-thinking their strategy…”#

There’s a number of reasons why retailers should stay ahead (or at least afoot) of the game, not only with an attractive product range and effective marketing – but also in their physical presentation, relevance and appeal to customers at store level. Enticing shop fronts and engaging interiors used to be first steps in generating sales… now the challenge begins with getting buyers into the mall ! (that’s me talking – ‘the pop up guy’ – I’m not paraphrasing Paris Young)

The “importance of pop-up stores” article describes the benefits and opportunities presented by temporary retail – it’s all been said before. But it’s a message worth repeating and re-generating, especially as customers become more accustomed with the ease of on-line shopping (also bored and lazy…)

The article addresses pop up from a traditional retailer’s point of view – utilising the short-term nature of pop up to test “store development strategy”… offering “a low-risk, high-reward opportunity for retailers to experiment with new store concepts, products, and services, without committing to the major investment of a long-term”#. Ms Young discusses the importance of pop-up to test new store concepts and formats, new markets and merchandise – and generate buzz / excitement (and build relationships with customers)

But it seems there’s been a lull in notable pop ups recently ! The author refers to several high-profile temporary installations – Nike New York 2018, Ikea Manhattan 2019, ASOS London 2019, Saks Fifth Avenue 2020 (etc) – all of them pre-COVID. I’d expect the next round of big name pop-ups is coming soon – and they’ll be bigger and better than ever (brands have had 3 years to plan, and they’ll be out to impress !)


You can read the full article – “The importance of pop-up stores” – published in the Jul-Sept 2023 edition of “Interior Fitout” – here (pages 48-49)

Author Paris Young is “Head of Brand & Strategy” at Storepro – project management and execution of high end commercial and retail fitouts (offices in Melbourne and Sydney)


# source :    interior fitout magazine / the importance of pop-up stores



images :  Google images – Interior Fitout Association


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