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The Street Store concept


Earlier this year a couple of South Africans decided to help homeless people in their local community. They developed “the world’s first pop-up store for the poor” – a concept which fosters the donation of unwanted clothes and other items for distribution amongst the needy, “to bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots…”. And what started as a great idea for Cape Town in January has now spread across South Africa, into Europe and the Americas (north and south)

The Street Store concept is so simple… someone applies to host a store in their community and a local homeless organisation is nominated to benefit, the location is chosen (often just a fence or public space) and permission sought from authorities. Organisers put up branded Street Store posters, the event is broadcast on social media… and people turn up to donate their unwanted clothes and shoes. When the “store” opens, homeless and needy customers get to choose things they actually want and like (for many, this is their first dignified shopping experience). The whole event is not for personal gain (of the organisers) and non-profit.

As the YouTube official video explains, the Street Store is “The world’s first rent-free, premises-free, free pop-up store for the homeless…. somewhere safe to give, and easy to collect”.

By the start of September this year, more than 900 stores had signed up to the concept… all applications for new stores are administered by the crew in South Africa, to ensure the original event concept, philosophy and branding are maintained. By applying on-line, stores are provided with a guide book and access to poster artworks, and inducted into the global network of other street store stories…

But the concept hasn’t arrived in Australia yet (or has it ?) Who knows of any Street Stores popping up in our neighbourhoods ?


Source :   The Street


The Street Store   The Street Store 2   The Street Store 3

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