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The ultimate Magnum pop up brand experience


The Magnum Pleasure Store is in Sydney with another in-your-face (and in-your-gut !) brand experience.

A few weeks ago I visited the latest Australian incarnation of the Magnum ice cream Pleasure Store – back again at Westfield Sydney (Pitt Street, level 2) until 7th September.

Just like their previous installations, the Sydney Magnum pop up brand experience is high-profile and luxurious – sitting in a central position (street level entry off Pitt Street) and ready to provide the ultimate ice cream indulgence. It’s 5 years since Magnum had a pop up store in Sydney (4 years since Melbourne – we mentioned those back in August 2015). They’ve also been busy with the concept across the globe – Dubai and New York in 2018 and another of their (annual) stints at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.

The Sydney pop up bar has been purpose-built again – with polished brass effects, extra-wide benchtops, quality signage and back-lit / neon lighting. And all this is a once-off – the Sydney Magnum pop up isn’t planning to travel to other Australian locations (yet ?) Parent company Unilever would’ve paid a bomb for that installation (and 8+ weeks in a prime location at Westfield). They won’t be too concerned about the revenue though (each indulgence costs around $10 – $12), as it’s more about the Magnum brand experience they offer – and social media plugs they’ll see !

There’s a range of Magnum options at the pop up bar – based on a standard vanilla ice cream centre. But then you have to decide… add a white, milk or dark chocolate coating (or milk and white together) and up to 19 fancy toppings – and finish it off with a choice of 3 drizzles (more chocolate !). To make it a little easier, they do offer a choice of “indulgent lookbook Magnums” – the Midas Touch, Hazelnut Crown, White Rose or Rock Star Duet…

When I visited (day 2 of the pop up) Unilever staff were still in marketing mode, chatting with various media and retail teams. I was offered a freebie sample of the indulgence (several times), but had only just finished breakfast – and 3+ layers of chocolate wasn’t so appealing that early in the day !

To save time you can plan your order online at (the store queues can be quite long – but Magnum prepares you for that with signage estimating your wait time !) Or, if you can’t make it to the Westfield brand experience they will deliver (within a 2km radius).

Also launched in July was another cool pop up in NSW – gelato actually ! The Gelatissimo pop up store opened for 4 days a week, over 3 and a half weeks in Newcastle. Twenty “artisanal gelato flavours” were on offer, including the limited-time “pawesome peanut butter” (suitable for humans and dogs alike…)* The reason for this pop up was to introduce the Gelatissimo brand to Newcastle – and also to find franchise operators to open a permanent store !


* source :  Gelatissimo Newcastle popup store



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