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The ultimate pop up picnics… 2018


This year le Dîner en Blanc celebrated their 30th year in Paris – and 75 other pop up picnics.

Many readers of this blog will know I have a certain… um, fascination (obsession ?)… with the concept of the Diner en Blanc pop up picnics – a global cultural phenomenon where “thousands of people, dressed all in white, and conducting themselves with the greatest decorum, elegance, and etiquette, all meet for a mass “chic picnic” in a public space”*

I’ve made several mentions on the subject, since my own first DeB attendance on Sydney’s Bondi Beach back in 2013. And ever since… I’ve been following the concept closely (and dreaming of the ultimate white picnic, under a Paris sunset…)

In August 2016 I re-posted my description of the event…“highly anticipated amongst the lucky ‘few’ who attend, this massive picnic has a number of quirky characteristics… All guest outfits (and their picnic gear) must be entirely white, they bring everything along (hampers, tables and chairs – including exotic table settings and themes), the event is strictly by invitation only – and the location is always held in an iconic, very public space (but not necessarily where you’d imagine to have a picnic). To make it even more fun, the actual venue is only announced at very short notice (an hour or so beforehand…)”

And it seems those pop up picnics just get better and better (and bigger !). This year – 2018 – saw the return of, and new additions to, the global DeB family…when more than 130,000 revellers packed their picnic baskets, in 76 cities.*

In June, Paris hosted the 30th anniversary of the original Dîner en Blanc   – “fifteen thousand of us in white for an elegant picnic…This was the best DeB ever, I think, and that band was fantastic ! I could have danced all night, except, I couldn’t !”# (other reports – on the official DeB website – quoted 17,000 guests*)

On a soggy September evening in New York – 6,500 guests went off-shore (by ferry, from Lower Manhattan) to Governors Island, although there were some logistical issues with the transport and quite a few disgruntled diners… “hundreds (guests) gave up and had dinner at Battery Park. Sharing what food they had brought…”^ (but that’s probably no consolation for the 45,000 on the New York waiting list !)

In Melbourne, back in February… the event was held on the forecourts between the iconic Royal Exhibition Building and Melbourne Museum. In November… 5,250 friends gathered again in Sydney, taking over Hyde Park. There’s another 9 Australian locations in the global DeB family… including Byron Bay launching in 2019 !

The list of global pop up picnics goes on… best summarised here !


*source :     Diner en / international

# source : / Fahim Munayem

^ source : /DinerEnBlanc.NewYork



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