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The way we work at pop up shops Australia


The how, why, what and where… of pop up shops.

Put simply… popUPshops Australia is published as an on-line forum for sharing news and views of pop up sales and temporary installations. We talk to (and hear from…) a wide community of like-minded “poppers”…

And we’d like to hear more from you guys !

We’ve been around for 5 years+ now. Long-time followers of our blog and social media will know that we launched way back in 2012, as popUPshops Melbourne… offering insights into the new “phenomenon” of pop up shopping around our home town.

popUPshops Melbourne quickly developed a following of local businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives – but also attracted loads of enquiries and comments from further afield (across all of Australia and around the globe…). And so, a couple of years ago we decided to extend our reach to other audiences. That’s when popUPshops was launched… publishing dedicated editorial and news for 5 great Aussie cities… Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

The way we work hasn’t changed much in 5 years – we collate pop up information from various sources, and publish details (and opinion) in relevant and concise formats. We still do what we set out to do… discussing the how’s and why’s of pop up – and sharing news of pop up events and locations.

Readers often post comments on our blog articles and the Facebook posts (but not all those comments are published… many are not appropriate to our wider audience). A lot of enquiries are in response to editorials we’ve posted or details of new events and locations, asking for more information… which we’re happy to provide (if we know more…) – but often we’ll refer them directly to the business, a landlord or their agent.

We’re not brokers at popUPshops and we don’t negotiate the rates or availability of potential locations… our articles always include contact details for readers to get directly in touch with the property. Having said that, we occasionally provide discrete referrals to locations (eg. where landlords don’t want their details published, or they ask us to “qualify” enquiries before sending contact details through…)

A lot of our work isn’t “public”… we’re in direct contact with a wide community of pop up people – individuals, businesses and agencies who consult with us on various levels. Often they’re scouting for unique locations, or keen to develop a new pop up event – or just seeking advice on what to consider and how to get started.

And whenever we pass on details or advice, we also ask for feedback ! It’s a great help for us to know if a concept or suggestion has been worthwhile, if a landlord has been responsive and reasonable, or when a property has been let (and is no longer available for future pop ups). That’s how we keep the news and details up to date and relevant…

Our work “in this space” depends heavily on the pop up community – readers who contribute helpful news that we can share. But quite often (sadly) it seems a bit one-sided… people are keen to ask for advice or contacts but then they don’t keep in touch. Hmm… I suppose that’s to be expected with a “community” service…

I’ll say it again (…can’t say it too often…) we’d like to hear more from you ! Please do send thoughts and comments, tell us about pop up concepts and new initiatives, up-coming events and locations – and also your feedback !


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