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The world’s smallest pop up ?


This could certainly be the smallest pop up yet… you can’t walk inside (but you can wipe your feet while you browse !)

A narrow space between 2 buildings in São Paulo has become a pop up store with a difference… Brazilian eCommerce sportswear brand Netshoes is one of the largest online stores in the world – but has chosen to open the smallest store.

The space looks less than half a metre wide, nestled between shops at 1149and1/2 Oscar Freire Street. At street-level there’s a door mat, at eye-level an iPad… Of course, the tablet offers the Netshoes range of 40,000 products via mobile shopping – so the store is open 24/7…

There’s a YouTube video of the store here.

Do you think they take the door mat in at night ?


Netshoes pop up        Netshoes logo        Netshoes pop up mat

images : Netshoes /

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