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Wake up to pop up


Finally… there’s been some pop up activity. Not much, but enough to show the concept is alive and well, after a very sleepy 2020 ! Let’s hope brands and customers wake up again soon, and get back into the swing of pop up shopping…

I see a few retailers have launched pop up stores in recent weeks – some were trading in time for the pre-Christmas sales, while others opened in January. Although many of those seem quite temporary… there’s not a lot of theming or effort going into some of the store presentations (wonky tables and wobbly racks are usually a sign of a short visit !)

Along South Yarra’s Chapel Street there’s been a number of businesses going into the vacant shop fronts, promoting themselves as pop up stores… I suppose those are retailers taking advantage of attractive offers from landlords (keen to get someone / anyone into their premises ?) I wondered if the local council had played a part in promoting those opportunities along Chapel Street, or if they indeed support those new initiatives… and contacted City of Stonnington  -“are you facilitating / encouraging / enabling etc those temporary retailers somehow ?” Hmm, that was a month ago… I’m still waiting for their comment !

Another retailer (national, female apparel) held a pop up sale on-the-quiet this month. Well, not quite quiet ‘coz they had 3 very busy days, and sold just about everything in store. The label didn’t broadcast it far and wide, only to their loyalty base. I suppose those loyal customers were encouraged by exceptional sale prices…

As we look ahead to coming weeks, there is definitely activity on the horizon. More businesses have been in contact to plan their pop up events (but nowhere near the buzz we saw last February). I expect… as we understand more about the virus, settle into the “new normal” of socially-distanced and sanitized shopping – and establish some “herd immunity”… that brands will find the confidence to wake up to pop up shopping again. And I hope that happens soon !



images : Chapel Street


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