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Was this really pop up ?


A short stay, well-promoted and a sell-out… but was it a pop up ?

For the past few weeks I’ve been reading about the “pop-up store” planned for Nutella hazelnut spread… a one-day event featuring the gooey breakfast paste from Italy (the Australian version is made in Lithgow NSW). Local husband and wife team, Paul and Lauren Kristoff had invented 3 new Nutella-based desserts, put them in 500 boxes… and were planning to offer the take-aways for sale in Brunswick East (Melbourne). Some of the pre-event media mentions were quick to point out the sale was not officially associated with the Nutella / Ferrero company.

The event was held last Saturday 12th September, opening at 900am ($10 per box, cash sales only, while stocks last…). Saturday evening’s TV news featured the story of long queues lining up to purchase the Nutella treats – and all boxes sold by 1pm !

In the lead up to the sale I considered also posting a mention of the Nutella “pop up store”… but it didn’t seem to tick enough “pop up” boxes. Sure, it was being widely promoted (the Kristoffs publish The City – a Melbourne-based travel, food and culture blog – no doubt they have a few good connections to spread the word…) – and it offered something a bit unique. But I thought there was something missing… and couldn’t quite put my finger on it. The vision I saw on the TV news showed plain boxes being sold through the front window of a pub, no signage or special effects… just an entrepreneurial couple selling new versions of an old favourite. The lack of official affiliation with the brand probably meant they couldn’t overtly promote the sale as “Nutella” (although I doubt this event has done the product’s reputation any harm…) – and so the brand connection was somewhat soft (obvious, but soft..). Maybe that was a bonus for Saturday’s event… folks enjoying the hijack of a high-profile brand !

But just selling nutty desserts from a street counter doesn’t quite seem “pop up” to me… If it hadn’t seen such intensive pre-publicity (hype, leading to anticipation…) – would this “pop-up store” have sold out in 4 hours ?

Having said that, I’d like to think the event was worthwhile – earning some cash for the Kristoffs (and the pub), both of them raising their public profiles (attracting new visitors) – and also boosting sales of the packaged (authorised) Nutella. Hopefully now the brand will come on board and take the pop up concept further… investing some dollars to support entrepreneurial applications of their product. New recipes, flash promotions, good media coverage… all worthwhile for the Nutella brand.

Just thinking aloud… what would’ve happening if the Kristoffs had launched their event with a different popular breakfast spread ? I imagine the marketing guys Kraft and Sanitarium might be watching the (unofficial) Nutella experience with some interest…


Nutella by Kristoff FI

Nutella treats by Kristoff 1

Nutella treats by Kristoff 2

Nutella treats by Kristoff 3


images : Nutella by Kristoff –


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