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When Walmart opens a pop up shop…


A brand of Walmart opens a temporary store, with special events… using the concept of pop up !

“Mega” just isn’t sufficient to describe the scale of Walmart. With 11,695 stores and clubs, in 28 countries, under 63 banners… this corporation is everything in retail (and more…) Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue (US $478billion in 2016) – as well as the largest private employer (2.3million worldwide in 2016). In the USA, Walmart is the largest grocery retailer # – and they’re not just in bricks and mortar.

In late 2016 Walmart completed purchase of the e-commerce business. Within a couple of short years, enjoyed rapid success as an on-line marketplace for a massive range of goods (4.5million products at the launch in 2015 !) – offering deep discounts depending on their distribution location and a (cheaper) alternative to the “norm” of fast / free shipping.

Before Walmart came to chat (ie. aquire…) last year… had launched their own grocery division – selling fresh produce, ingredients and food-themed merchandise. And in New York they’re now opening a “concept store” to provide customers an in-store experience of those on-line offerings.

The “Fresh Story” shop will be open in NYC for a short time, in a space called “Story” (which changes it’s brands and products every 4 to 6 weeks). In addition to selling groceries and themed products, the store will also offer special events and workshops… hosted by food, cooking and lifestyle guest-presenters.

This seems to be a trial for Walmart, having stepped into the realm of e-commerce via the purchase of (and others…) – they’re now considering the integration of virtual stores with the their traditional (bricks and mortar) partners.

“The future of retail is the integration of physical bricks and online clicks… the customer experience needs to address anywhere a customer wants to shop” says Oliver Chen, analyst at market research consultants Cowen&Co. He also said the that having an instore experience for consumers is “critical to the brand” (for *

A unique store – conceived to connect with and engage new customers, hosting special events … and only open for a limited time – that’s a great application of the pop up concept !


#source : Wikipedia – Walmart

*source : The Daily grocery

Walmart logo

Fresh Story NYC


images :, Walmart logo, Fresh Story pop up New York City


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