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Wow – 3.4million pop ups in the UK !


One third of start-ups will launch via pop up shops…

A recent study by EE (a UK telecoms provider… “the most advanced digital communications company in Britain”#) has suggested that around 30% of new businesses intend to use pop up to test their market and refine their offering. Of 2000 consumers polled by EE, 29% were planning to launch a new business within the next 2 years – and 29% of those would consider pop up as an initial strategy*.

The study extrapolated results to estimate a total of 11.6million start-up entrepreneurs across the UK, creating an amazing “3.4million pop up shops by 2017”

There’s other interesting statistics from this research – 30% of new businesses will offer food, 18% drinks, 15% arts and crafts… only 12% in fashion (…fashion was the initial leader in the pop up movement… food and beverage are certainly now the latest flavours !)

I doubt the esteemed UK Telegraph would publish such findings if the research (and the study authors) didn’t have some merit. As mentioned in our popUPshops blog post last July, the Telegraph has quoted other research by EE – labeling pop-up a “retail revolution… on course to contribute £2.1bn to the economy in 2014”

Details of the latest EE pop-up study are revealed here


#source:  EE About Us



Pop Up Bundles EE

image :    Pop-Up Bundles – EE

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