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You’ll still think of them… when the pop up is finished


It seems the guys from dance-punk band Death from Above 1979 have been pretty busy. Last week they opened a 2 day pop-up shop in Toronto, to celebrate their first new album release in around a decade. The duo were (apparently) quite popular a while back but disbanded in 2006, then reunited in 2011 – and have recently been doing live shows again… They’ve announced a concert tour across North America and Europe, even an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman tomorrow.

The pop up shop was essentially to launch their comeback album The Physical World (available today, 9th September). And sell some “special limited edition items unavailable anywhere else”*

Okay, there’s nothing unusual about doing a pop up to launch an album or sell some merchandise (rapper Kanye West is doing one in Melbourne right now….). Except the theme of the DFA1979 shop was a tattoo parlour, also offering free “inks” to a lucky few. Fans were encouraged to show up early…

Waking up every day with the permanent reminder (a tattoo) of that temporary event (the pop up shop)… could be one way to ensure the band is not forgotten in another 10 year’s time !


*source : - Google Images

Featured image : – Google Images (not DFA1979)



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