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Every day of the week I get bundles of new ‘mail in my Inbox (who doesn’t ?) – and often wish it wasn’t so darn many (again… who doesn’t…) But there is one update I actually look forward to – gets me clicking through almost as soon as it arrives. It is my daily missive from Google Alerts – on so many things “pop up” around the world. Here’s a selection from last week’s weird and wonderful :


The power of pop-ups” – selling tacos in Toronto ! To quote directly from :

“…It’s early spring, you can still see your breath, but it feels like summer. It’s taco stand pop-up La Carnita’s UNO–a night of tequila, art, DJs and most importantly, tacos–and it’s only for the night. La Carnita isn’t the first to use pop-up retail. The short-term sales spaces, where exclusive products or services are sold (often for one-night only) seem to be cropping up all over Canada. In the past, major companies such as Nike and Target and small businesses alike have used the tactic as a way to promote seasonal products “one-of-a-kind” offers. But the growth of social media has breathed new life into the snake oil salesman’s “for a limited time only” adage–making pop-ups a viable tool for small businesses….”

This article goes on to describe how Toronto marketing agency OneMethod Digital and Design stumbled across the successful formula when looking for a way to integrate into their new neighbourhood after moving offices last year. They soon discovered their events – promoted via Twitter and “a couple (of ?) influencers” –  went viral on the internet, serving nearly 3000 tacos recently.

Oh, and this same article quotes from the “Queen of Pop-Ups” herself – Christina Norsig. I’m quite a fan of Ms. Norsig – she’s based in New York and offers a service across the US to put pop-up retailers in contact with locations and landlords, she has opened and traded in several pop up stores herself – and also recently published a “how to” guide on the whole pop up process ! Seems a pretty busy (and effective) operator to me…. I’ve just finished reading her “Pop Up Retail” book (How You Can Master This Global Marketing Phenomenon) – and hope to review that in popUpshops Melbourne very soon !


Plastic fantastic – the unusual sight of giant Lego pieces (66 times larger than standard Lego blocks) dotted across the red dirt of the Australian outback – reported by the UK’s Daily Mail online service.

The article describes a pop up forest of over-sized Lego trees and flower beds – installed roughly 700kms west of Sydney – as part of the celebrations around 50 years of Lego in Australia.


Pop up Steakhouse – Australia’s ABC Radio told the story of a “Nguni” cattle farmer serving his unique steaks and meatloaf just one night a week in Queensland, with comment by instant retail’s Scott Williams… “If you think of this as a bit of a marketing or a branding exercise for the beef guy, he has got an opportunity where he can go and promote his product into his market without the expense…. It’s often a marketing exercise when someone does a pop-up, whether it’s a restaurant or a fashion retailer or whatever.”


Balls up at St.ALi. Okay, I didn’t see this via Google Alerts (actually it was on Broadsheet ) News of another foodie pop up….but closer to home this time (at the iconic St.Ali in South Melbourne). Only open on Friday and Saturday nights in July…. “The Balls Pop-Up concept is simple. Everything on the menu, with the exception of a few side dishes and drinks, is round.”


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