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online hits hard with bricks (& mortar)

What do Miishka, Ellery and Mister Zimi have in common ? Well, they’re all in the female fashion trade of course, albeit with quite different styles and lines. They each have a significant on-line presence, featuring images of obligatory models dashing about in today’s selections – and they also make it real easy to fill the virtual shopping cart. Nothing surprising in that, there are hundreds or thousands (or more…) businesses doing exactly the same thing !

But something else these guys do well is the occasional appearance in our “real world” – they morph out of the internet and arrive splash-bang with a physical presence. Maybe two or three times a year, often in different cities and shopping strips, they come down to visit us in the land of “bricks and mortar”. These are classic “pop up shops” and they probably address all objectives of the genre – looking to increase brand awareness, promote a new range or product, move a bundle of stock and generate buzz.

Sometimes these visitors from ether-space will do their pop up in collaboration with complimentary brands – combining tops with scarves with shoes with…or they’ll tuck a DJ-dude in the corner…  or find some awesome / outrageous news-worthy angle (for free editorial  – whatever it takes !) And they will certainly use the power of their database and networks to advertise the event ….spraying the message of “be quick it won’t last… just here for a short time and a good time, but not a long time…”

These businesses understand the value of showing up in person – it’s all about the 5 senses. Not that the online world isn’t real (of course ?) but there’s nothing more satisfying for an old customer / new customer  to come in and feel the cloth, sniff the leather, hear the crinkle of tissue paper wrapping around a new best friend…. That’s why these brands make the effort, spend their time and cash to join us in the other world – to remind us that we are loved and wanted and important in their scheme of things….

And all of this for a fraction of the cost and resources required to maintain a permanent brick store !


Miishka  pop up sale was at St. Ali Next Door, South Melbourne early June

Ellery pop up was at Melbourne’s GPO mid April

Mister Zimi often comes to Melbourne – last time was late March, in Armadale


image : popUPshops Melbourne


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