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Prahran does pop up street food


Prahran Market is a terrific opportunity for pop-up street-food stalls

As is my habit on Saturdays… a week or so ago I went to the awesome Prahran Market … surely one of Melbourne’s favorite food destinations ! There’s been a market at this location for over 120 years, and I’ve probably been visiting for at least a quarter of those… Who else recalls the old carpark out the back, with traffic (and parking) directions barked from the central watchtower ? (“red Datsun 180B, you are GOING THE WRONG WAY !”). Like so many locals, the Prahran Market is one of my weekend rituals (love the Deli Hall… all those cheeses and dips, mmmm !)… I’ll occasionally check out the other suburban markets, but always return to Prahran…

For a while now a section of the frontage on Commercial Road has been dedicated to small stalls offering street food – in a space which had been a café in recent years (but is now “between tenants” ?) In the meantime, it seems the Market management has decided to give pop up a go in there (yay !) Over recent months there’s been a great mix of tastes and cultures (South American, Spanish, Hungarian…), but last Saturday it all seemed a bit flat. Okay, there weren’t many shoppers around the Market that morning (it was the long weekend, so maybe people were sleeping in…?) But at 10am (the Market had been open for 3 hours already…), only 1 of the 5 street stalls seemed open for business. There was also a guy setting up, and a sign announcing another was recovering from injury. Tables and chairs (even vases of flowers on the Commercial Road pavement) invited customers… maybe it didn’t help that the main doors into the Market Square were closed.

So on my latest visit to the Market (yesterday) I looked into the street food space again – and it was certainly more lively. It was later in the morning – almost lunchtime – and the kitchens were looking busy. Within a week, the Argentinian guys have gone and been replaced by a Brazilian outlet, and there’s now a Malaysian stall as well.

A few months ago there was a great interview with one of the previous (original) food stalls – read The Porridge Bar’s inspiring story here at Really Melbourne. Sadly, Colleen has moved on from Prahran… where will she pop up next ?

Isn’t that what pop up is all about… offering unique (but temporary) experiences to the eager public, whilst giving small businesses (in this case, foodies…) a chance to show their talents and develop a following of hungry fans !

The Prahran Market is at 163 Commercial Road South Yarra – open 5 days a week. Trading hours are :

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday – 7am to 5pm, Sunday 10am to 3pm


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images :  Prahran Market

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