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That pop up picnic in Paris…


Le Diner en Blanc Paris – we could’ve been part of the ultimate pop up picnic !

Around this time every year I manage to sneak in a post about (one of) my very favourite events… the glorious and glamorous (gigantic) pop up picnic phenomenon called Le Diner en Blanc… I mention it now ‘coz the largest Diner en Blanc event has recently been held again, in Paris (the original host city, but now also popping up across the globe)

Just imagine thousands of your (newest) best mates gathered for dinner under the stars, “a simple meeting of united friendship by common values… trust, benevolence and elegance…”# The concept is pretty simple – guests dress head-to-toe in white, gather everything needed for a sophisticated picnic (tables, chairs, crockery and accessories… all in white), arrive at nominated meeting points and await further instructions. They don’t know where the picnic is being held until just before it begins – but it’s usually a very public, high-profile location.

This year the Paris DeB pop up picnic was spread across the Place de la Concorde, le Carrousel du Louvre and into le Jardin des Tuileries. You can’t get much-more iconic-Paris than that ! I read in one account that the Tuileries wasn’t actually supposed to be part of the event, and security closed the gates after several guest had already set up their picnics… locking them inside !^

Diner en Blanc is strictly by invitation. A very lucky few (well, 16,000+) attended the Paris event this year, but many more would’ve applied. It’s a similar story across the world, where 100+ cities now host (official) spin-offs of the original DeB concept. I’ve been to Melbourne and Sydney DeB’s and longed for that special Paris event… And this year we received 2 invitations (that’s for 4 guests) – but hmph, weren’t able to get ourselves (tables, chairs, picnic baskets…) across to France in time. Let’s hope there’ll be other invitations – and we’ll be better prepared !

In the meantime I’ll just keep dreaming (and posting those annual pop up picnic mentions)

Watch a video of le Diner en Blanc Paris 2019 here*


# source :   DeB founder François Pasquier, DinerEnBlanc.Paris /

^ source :   dc / Diner en Blanc 2019

* source : / Paris des milliers de Dineurs en Blanc aux Tuileries



images :    Facebook – DinerEnBlanc.Paris, dc


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