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whats UP in Greville Street ?


Well, first up… it’s party-time ! Tomorrow night many of the traders along Greville Street (Prahran) are getting into the swing with a Mexican street fiesta. Several cafes and bars will serve themed food & drinks, there’ll be discounts and special offers from other shops – and no doubt some hombre and mujer will partake of serious salsa (and hat ?) dancing to the street music….

When :   Thursday 6th December, 5 to 9pm

By Friday morning I guess things will return to normal…but what is “normal” along Greville Street ?

Well, there’s currently a good mix of pop up shops ! Recently we described how :

“…Bubbly friends Jina and Natalie have teamed up to share a space at #111. Urban Jin (Jina @UrbanJin on Twitter) and harv & milla (Natalie) are having a great time with their eclectic mix of fashion, accessories and art – loving the buzz and atmosphere of the local ‘hood…

While just across the road at #126, Cukoo Nest offers a range of female fashion and vintage wear, fascinators and accessories… they opened before the spring racing carnival and will stay on ‘till the end of December…”

And this week there’s another pop-up joining in :

DIY is opening at #2 / 155 this Saturday 8th December. Not quite your traditional shop full of goodies, but rather “a place where people can come to discover things”… such as… they’ll be running creative workshops in film-making, websites, photography, nutrition and yoga (‘though probably not all at the same time !), while selling terraniums and herb planter kits, techno gadgets and camera attachments…. Sounds quirky and certainly worth a visit, just to see what actually goes on in there !

I’d say… for a relatively short stretch of street (I’m only describing the 250mtrs or so between Chapel Street and the railway line), there is an incredible mix of activity at any time. In fact, I reckon you could park a caravan in Greville Street and never have to move…. There are enough cafes and bars that you just couldn’t go hungry or thirsty, a convenience store (for life’s other necessities), eyewear and skincare specialists, businesses for hair, piercings and jewellery, bookstores, giftwares, clothing shops and more…The council office is right there in Greville Street (to dispute a parking fine on the ‘van ?) and the local library is next door. Dentists and lawyers, creative studios and other unknown offices hide behind and above the shop awnings….

Some people lament that Greville Street “has had it’s day…” – but I’m not so sure…. Over the many years I’ve been visiting this ‘hood I’ve seen it host a colourful mix of businesses and characters, some have been smart and others grungy. The Greville Street precinct always attracts all sorts to the shops and cafes, open park space and side alleys – it has a “grass roots” and quirky personality – and offers a human-scale, genuine community spirit. The funky / quirky vibe of Greville Street isn’t “manufactured”, it is real. And it does go through phases…

Last week I participated in a “think tank” for the revitalization (refreshment…) of our Chapel Street precinct…. concerned with the whole length of that street from Alexandra Avenue along to Dandenong Road. Sitting amongst local traders and design professionals, we were challenged to throw out ideas for capital (and cultural) improvements – mostly focused on street-scaping and planning controls, but also on creating new attractions for visitors and shoppers to the strip (that’s where my input for “pop up” shops and events might’ve come in….) The theme of “passeggiata” was mentioned several times….I love that concept – the (Italian) “art of taking a walk in the evening….”

Well, tomorrow night I think they’re doing a Mexican version of passeggiata along Greville Street – it should be great fun !

Oh… Hodges Prahran currently has a small space which may be available for a Greville Street pop up – contact Stephen to discuss !


whats UP in Greville Street

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