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coffee connections via pop up


Nespresso is connecting with loyal customers via pop up stores – and testing new locations.

Three pop up “boutique coffee stores” will open across Sydney this month – each offering the range of Nespresso blends from a distinctively-colourful “Grands Crus” wall. The pop up locations (Westfield Miranda, Castle Towers Castle Hill and the T2 terminal at Sydney Domestic Airport) have been chosen to capture the attention of existing Nespresso Club Members – which is quite an interesting marketing strategy… why would you open a temporary store in an area already popular with your fans ? The answer is, of course…. the bulk of Nespresso’s revenue comes from customers who return to purchase their genuine coffee capsules. The pop ups will also feature a selection of coffee machines, offer tastings, provide recycle points for used capsules – and aim to attract new fans to the brand…

This is not the first time Nespresso has used pop up in Australia. In August 2011 they appeared across a number of Westfield sites, 2 years later they returned with pop up “coffee havens” in Melbourne and Sydney. The latest pop ups are based on the “boutique” Nespresso store format and will trial locations for more permanent Nespresso-branded outlets.

“The Nespresso story began with a simple but revolutionary idea: enable anyone to create the perfect cup of espresso coffee, on their own, at home…” So says the Nespresso website – and it seems to be a hugely successful model. It is around 30 years since the Nespresso system was launched in Europe… now spread far across the globe and has sold more than 20 billion coffee capsules in the past 15 years#.

20 billion capsules ? Thank goodness the blends are sold in those colourful aluminium pods (“Aluminium is a 100% infinitely recyclable material”*). Nespresso supports a sophisticated re-use system… even supplying Recycle Canisters and Bags (at a cost…) and establishing partnerships with local florists as drop-off points for the used capsules… there’s around 26 collection points in Victoria alone.


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