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Melbourne locations #3

…any of these could make a great pop up venue… and some already have !


Check out these locations….


Camberwell – 550 Riversdale Road

Close to the busiest shopping junction in Melbourne, with tons of passing traffic. There’s a popular business already on site (open 7 days a week), with plenty of parking and a café right next door ! The main display area is approx.  7 x 8 mtrs (plus a hanging gallery and shared bathroom facilities). Available now, ready to pop *

Contact Richelle via email


Collingwood – 3 Glasshouse Road

Approximately 34 sq.mtrs at ground level, with a large window overlooking the bluestone laneway. Including kitchen, bathroom and storage facilities*

Contact Sarah via email


Hawthorn – 77 Church Street

Approx. 145 sq.mtrs*

View details at Commercial Real


North Fitzroy – 471 Brunswick Street

Approx. 6.1 x 4.3 mtrs, very neat gallery space available for short-term events*

Contact  David via email – or Jemima on 0412 994 069


Prahran – 109 Greville Street

Funky space, 29sq.mtrs – available through Hodges Prahran*


Prahran – 110 Greville Street

Also through Hodges Prahran*


South Melbourne – 274 Park Street

Approx. 50 sq.mtrs, close to Clarendon Street, Cecil Street and the South Melbourne Markets…Available Monday to Friday*

Contact Jodie via email


* so they say… please follow these contacts to discuss the possibilities…


And…. you might consider what these Property Agents have on their books…


Hodges around Prahran and South Yarra – contact Stephen McCleery at

Stephen has let a few spaces for short term recently – Greville Street was thriving with pop-ups last month !


MPC Moss around Richmond – contact James Moss at

James says he’s happy to discuss potential locations…


Savills Australia around Melbourne’s CBD – contact Michael DiCarlo at

Savills had 4 properties on a short-term basis last month….some were committed into January while others are taking a longer view (to try out before signing a longer lease). We quoted Michael recently – and we’d like to say it again :

Savills Retail strongly encourage landlords to consider short term tenants to activate their shops and get some income… this is a good win for both parties as the tenant pays a reduced rent for quick sales and the landlord can still market the space and look for a new tenant at the same time…


So why do we list property agents (and then only some agents… not others…) ?

Well, it seems obvious that most “short term tenancies” (suitable for temporary retail, pop up shops or special events) are either available “privately” (directly through the landlords, or by tenants trying to sub-lease) – or through the commercial property agents. In our experience, the private arrangements (when you can find them !) tend to work well if you already know the landlord or the tenant. But if you’re a “potential popper” and not already connected… it can be a long and difficult struggle to find the right location, at the right terms…

It seems logical that the commercial agents will know of locations for pop up spaces – in “real time”. Most of the on-line listings of vacancies aren’t updated on a daily or weekly basis (eg. at popUPshops Melbourne we’re usually not told when a property goes off the market…) – and so perhaps the locations listed are not always available. When you enquire with an agent they’ll usually know exactly which properties are ready – and have the details and terms at hand…

But many agents just don’t offer properties for short-term tenancies… it’s not worth their time to negotiate the deal and prepare an agreement (usually a licence rather than a lease) – and that is understandable from a revenue viewpoint . However, it kind of misses the whole point about pop-ups… being an option to fill an otherwise-empty space, open the doors to traffic again, re-invigorate a failing neighbourhood – and also offer the potential to sign up longer-term tenants… all without huge investment or commitment. See our previous articles on Location location and Pop up shops can also refresh and revitalise.

The good news is that over time we’re starting to see a change in attitude with some of the commercial agents, as many properties remain “for lease” and standing vacant for longer. These are the agents who seem to recognise the potential for a “win-win” and are making the extra effort…

Having said all that…. we’re always keen to know of more locations available – and other property agents who will talk “short term” ! Please let us know what you know…


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  1. Marsha Byron 25/02/2013

    We need a pop up shop for our fashion accessories. that we have been trying to sell though our newly launched website 2.5 years old. Lots of great goods stashed away. A pop up shop in the bayside burbs would be fab.


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