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Pop up agents around Melbourne

…we’ve just updated the look and listings on our locations pages – and mention a few agents who’ll talk pop up !


You might consider what these Property Agents have on their books…


Hodges around Prahran and South Yarra – contact Stephen McCleery at

Stephen has let a few spaces for short term recently – Greville Street was thriving with pop-ups around Christmas 2012 !


MPC Moss around Richmond – contact James Moss at

James says he’s happy to discuss potential locations…


Savills Australia around Melbourne’s CBD – contact Michael DiCarlo at

Savills had 4 properties on a short-term basis in late 2012….some were committed into January while others are taking a longer view (to try out before signing a longer lease). We quoted Michael recently – and we’d like to say it again :

Savills Retail strongly encourage landlords to consider short term tenants to activate their shops and get some income… this is a good win for both parties as the tenant pays a reduced rent for quick sales and the landlord can still market the space and look for a new tenant at the same time…


Why do we list property agents ? (and then only some agents… not others…?)

Well, it seems obvious that most “short term tenancies” (suitable for temporary retail, pop up shops or special events) are either available “privately” (directly through the landlords, or by tenants trying to sub-lease) – or through the commercial property agents. In our experience, the private arrangements (when you can find them !) tend to work well if you already know the landlord or the tenant. But if you’re a “potential popper” and not already connected… it can be a long and difficult struggle to find the right location, at the right terms…

It seems logical that the commercial agents will know of locations for pop up spaces – in “real time”. Most of the on-line listings of vacancies aren’t updated on a daily or weekly basis (eg. at popUPshops Melbourne we’re usually not told when a property goes off the market…) – and so perhaps the locations listed are not always available. When you enquire with an agent they’ll usually know exactly which properties are ready – and have the details and terms at hand…

But many agents just don’t offer properties for short-term tenancies… it’s not worth their time to negotiate the deal and prepare an agreement (usually a licence rather than a lease) – and that is understandable from a revenue viewpoint . However, it kind of misses the whole point about pop-ups… being an option to fill an otherwise-empty space, open the doors to traffic again, re-invigorate a failing neighbourhood – and also offer the potential to sign up longer-term tenants… all without huge investment or commitment. See our previous articles on Location location and Pop up shops can also refresh and revitalise.

The good news is that over time we’re starting to see a change in attitude with some of the commercial agents, as many properties remain “for lease” and standing vacant for longer. These are the agents who seem to recognise the potential for a “win-win” and are making the extra effort…

Having said all that…. we’re always keen to know of more locations available – and other property agents who will talk “short term” ! Please let us know what you know…


featured image : Goodwill Industries International Pop Up Store


85 comment to "Pop up agents around Melbourne"

  1. Kim 03/11/2013

    Hi, looking for potential pop up spaces for short term lease in Richmond, Prahran, Brunswick areas. Would be great to talk further.


    • Antonio 29/11/2014

      We have 200 sqm of retail space in Prahran, 50 meters from Chapel St.
      We are available for pop-up shops/sales etc for clothing. We supply racks, register, change rooms, security camera and more. Café on the premises also.


  2. Queenie 28/08/2014

    HELLO , I’m looking for a pop-up shop in melbourne city for selling girls clothing , small area would be fine. thank you .


  3. Karen Mac 26/09/2014

    Can anyone help with short term lease of warehouse or similar, area not as important as other requirements.
    Thank You


  4. Amanda 06/10/2014

    Looking for a pop up space for the Christmas lead up. Cupcakes, cake and sweets. Looking in northern suburbs but open to other ideas.


  5. samrat 18/11/2014

    have a space available in Melbourne City if you are still interested right across melbourne town hall and city square on 117 Swanston St.


  6. Stan 09/11/2015

    Hi, I am looking for a small pop up shop in Melbourne CBD, any suggestions at this stage? We would like to know the rental and the lease term. Thanks!!


  7. Jo 17/11/2015

    Looking for fashion retailers in Melb interested in sharing a pop up space for pre-Xmas period. Email


    • David 06/12/2016

      Hi we are wholesalers of scarves jewellery and fashion resortwear and always looking for retail pop ups let me know if you still need someone to share thanks David


  8. Elisa 03/12/2015

    Hi, I am looking for a small and cheap pop up shop in Melbourne, open to different locations. The idea is to sell women’s clothes (famous Italian brands). Thanks


  9. Billy 08/01/2016

    Hi, I am looking for a small space for a pop up shop in south yarra, brunswick, richmond areas. Only needed for a weekend.


  10. Haidee 08/01/2016

    I am looking for rental street frontage must have great windows for all of October 2016 would consider a three month lease for the right spot. Electrify included in rent .
    Millinery pop up shop racing season ..
    Thank you


    • Dom 01/07/2016

      Retail and/or Office space on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. Space from 50M2 to 340M2. Fantastic location and opportunity.


    • Anna 15/09/2016

      definitely great windows…. in iconic strip shop Canterbury. need time to move furniture but if interested please contact me


  11. Lisa 19/01/2016

    Hi, I have 200m/sq studio available early Feb for pop up on Carlisle Street, ST Kilda East. Wooden floors, heaps of natural light, windows, beautiful space, 2nd floor, close to cafes, shops etc
    Please leave reply or email


  12. Ashleigh 04/02/2016

    I am looking for a Pop up space around South Yarra, Brighton, Prahran areas for a clothing label. Looking to lease for about 2 weeks during April 2016.
    Thank you,


  13. Jackson 11/03/2016

    Hi, looking for 500sqm + around Richmond, october 2016 any help would be appreciated.


    • graeme 07/09/2016


      We have an empty warehouse just off Bridge Road, it has street frontage and would be the perfect funky location for a pop up.


      • Amanda 13/09/2016

        I would love some information. I’m currently looking for a space for an awesome kids pop collective.


  14. Edwina 13/04/2016

    Hi, I am looking for a pop up store to rent for 1 to 3 months, ready to go now in South Yarra, Prahan, Hawthorn, Armadale areas. Thank you!


    • Silvia 21/04/2016

      Hi- I may have something coming up shortly in South Yarra.


    • Mounika 27/11/2016

      Hi, i am looking for a pop up store in Melbourne CBD.



  15. Zac 03/05/2016

    Billy Button and co are looking for a pop up retail/gallery space.


    • Nick 04/10/2016

      Your enquiry about seeking a pop up gallery/retail spot was made back in May this year, but I wonder if you were successful in finding a suitable space? We are available for pop-up from Dec 10 through to early FEB 2017 if required. Do let us know if we can provide what you need. Regards, N


  16. Penny 15/08/2016

    Looking for a Pop Up space for retail { European Homewares} Oct, Nov and December, please contact me if you know of anything thank you


  17. Mariano 18/08/2016


    We are looking for a space at a Cafe, so we could pop up in the evenings.
    We have a food truck specializing in Latin food, and we are ready to help you out with your lease, operating when your shop is closed
    areas of interest: Brunswick, Collingwood, Richmond, Abbotsford, Northcote, Brunswick.



  18. Victoria 22/08/2016

    Hello, I’m opening a recycled clothing boutique and am wanting to pop up in Collingwood (Johnston St or Smith) while I look for a more permanent store. If anyone has anything, would love to hear about it. Email –


  19. Amy 25/08/2016

    I am interested in finding a cafe that has some spare space to use as a pop-up store. I have an online kitchen and homewares store. I would be looking around Hawthorn, Camberwell, Kew.


  20. Anthony 19/09/2016

    Hi there. Im looking for a pop up space for furniture and homewares during early november, in Brunswick/Fitzroy.


  21. HELEN 29/09/2016

    Hi iam looking for a pop up shop in Casey fields or fountain gate for from November to December end


  22. Rosie 20/10/2016

    Hi there
    I’m looking for a pop up space for Nov to end of Dec 16 – fashion and homewares. Ideally around fitzroy, chapel st – but open to find an area that has good traffic and other cool shops. thanks


  23. Rosie 27/10/2016

    Hi Rosie,

    I am rosie too! Have you managed to find a Pop up space that you were after for Nov/Dec ’16? I too am looking for one for December and would love to collaborate with another designer.

    Let me know if you might be interested?

    Rosie x


    • amanda 26/11/2016

      Hi, I am looking for a pop up to share with others. Have you found one and would you like to discuss?


      • emily 02/12/2016

        Hi everyone – really interested in sharing a pop up space with any of you girls as soon as possible. I will be selling unique succulent arrangements so I don’t mind if you sell homewares or clothing, I think it would be a good collaboration. preferably you will be Melbourne made or at least Melbourne designed. let me know!


        • Justin 05/12/2016

          Hi All,

          We have space available at our Highpoint location for the month of Dec. It’s in the new section of the mall, with great surrounding retailers and good traffic.

          Would be great to speak with you

  24. Michelle 31/10/2016

    Hi there,

    I am after a Collingwood / Fitzroy / Brunswick location for a clothing label pop up for December. A retail or even a gallery space would work. If anything is available please contact me.



    • Ulli 28/11/2016

      Hi Michelle,
      We have a space available. It is 82sqm and just off Brunswick Street, on Victoria Street. Check out our website for more info, or call me on 03 9495 6125.


      • gina 22/08/2017

        hi I am looking for a pop up space in your area and would be very keen around November through to Feb. Do you have anything we maybe interested in.


  25. Jo 23/11/2016

    Hi There,
    I’m looking for a pop-up shop / store in the Kew / Kew East area for approx. 8 – 12 weeks only. If anything is available or if someone may have a contact in this area – please let me know.


  26. Bahati 01/12/2016

    Looking to hire a pop up around Hawthorn Kew or Camberwell area. We sell handcrafted statement jewelry. Happy to collaborate too!


  27. Blair 03/01/2017

    Hi Everyone,
    Looking to rent a Melbourne CBD/ Fitzroy or Windsor retail space (80sqm or less) for 2 weeks in April 2017 for a curated fashion concept store. I am a retail designer, so planning some pretty awesome things with the pop up brief that will hopefully get some great exposure.
    Looking forward to hearing from you!


    • Margaret 13/02/2017

      Hi Blair,
      Do you already have fashion lines for your store. I have some new Designer Evening wear labels that I would love to get some exposure for. Maybe we could collaborate?


  28. Julie 06/03/2017

    Hi everyone I have a lovely space in Heidelberg Heights – great for an art gallery or fashion – lots of young families looking for points of difference


    • Kaz 11/04/2017

      Hi Julie, tell me all about it please??
      Thankyou… k ???


    • james 23/04/2017

      Hi Julie, I’m interested, could u plz tell me more about location, cost and terms, thanks


    • kerry 26/04/2017

      If this space is still available I would be super interested in hearing more, kerry


  29. Jacqui 13/04/2017

    Hi Guys,

    I will have a whole vacant store with street frontage available from 28th April 2017 in one of Melbourne’s busiest laneways – Degraves Street, Melbourne. It will only be available for late April / May bookings for pop-up retail only (no food).

    Feel free to contact me if you need more details.



    • Emily 18/04/2017

      Hi Jacqui, I am interested in finding out more about your pop up space on Degraves Street. My family are hat makers and are looking for a inner city space for a pop up shop. Regards Emily


  30. Michael 14/07/2017

    Hi l am looking for a retail lease for up to 12 months to retail discount homewares and giftware nothing over $5 in western suburbs melbourne


  31. Zen 24/07/2017

    Hi there, I am looking for a space min 200 Sq – 400 sq for an exhibition in a busy street location in Melbourne.
    Cheers Zen


  32. Naima 14/08/2017

    Hi, I am looking to hire a pop up cafeteria space in Brunswick – Sydney Rd area.


  33. Sophie 05/09/2017

    Hi, I’m looking for a popup space Melb to SE suburbs for 1-2 months and another local designer / maker to share with our ethical clothing brand. Please Email


  34. Rory 06/09/2017

    My business partner and i are looking for a small space to hold a pop up casual/ fine dining restaurant in Fitzroy, Collingwood, Carlton north and surrounding areas, a space with a kitchen ideally.

    Thanks, Rory


  35. Ash 12/09/2017

    I was looking for a casual pop up in Melbourne cbd where we world be selling a traditional Indian dish.


  36. Shari 06/11/2017

    We are looking for a pop up shop to sell gifts and soft furnishings homewares during the summer period. As we are based in Mornington Peninsula, we would prefer locations within the Peninsula or just outside.


  37. Sanghita 24/12/2017

    Hi There
    I would like to open a casual shop of leather goods. I’m open for both long term and short term lease.. it would be great if I can book a place from January end or latest by February. I’m interested in a crowded place. Please let me know the price and other formalities..

    Thank you


  38. Chris 04/03/2018

    Anyone looking for new casual mall leasing opportunities please visit our website and contact me for opportunities and


  39. Jocelyn 13/06/2018

    Hi I’m looking for a short term shop front or caravan space in the Melbourne cbd (small space) with high foot traffic. I have a food business selling Hainan Chicken Rice.


  40. Carolyn 17/06/2018

    Interested in one month, longer if possible, pop up in Brighton, South Yarra, Prahran.
    Greatly appreciated if you could help


  41. Erin-Amber 09/07/2018

    Hi Looking for a pop up space between Ringwood and Healsville (Open to all around that area)


    • Aaron 11/07/2018

      I have a large retail shop in Anglesea that will be empty by September 1st 2018.


  42. Jodi 26/07/2018

    Looking for pop up space in the areas of Williamstown / Altona from Oct 18


  43. Drew 02/08/2018

    Looking for a retail pop up of around 60-80 sq m in Mornington VIC for October 2018 – if it has change rooms even better. Initial goal is 1 month commitment, but could grow if we do well.


  44. Linda 09/08/2018

    Looking for a pop up retail space either in cbd or South Bank, North Melbourne, East Melbourne or West Melbourne for November. 2 to 3 months but can be flexible.


    • Simon 15/08/2018

      Hi Linda
      We’ve got a cool space inside a pub in North Melbourne. Right across the road from the Vic Markets. Would that suit?


  45. Demi 10/08/2018

    Hi there! I am looking to hire a retail space for a one day only pop up shop for the brand Frankie and Co in the following areas:
    – Ringwood
    – Lilydale
    – Berwick
    – Cranbourne

    If anyone could point me in the direction with anyone that would have this space that would be great! Looking for late Sept-October time frame


  46. Paul 18/09/2018

    Hi. I am looking to rent a popup shop in Altona, Williamstown or Newport areas for November for 2 to 3 months any help in these areas would be greatly appreciated. Regards Paul.


  47. Jenny 02/10/2018

    Looking for a pop up space for cool furniture brand. Inner Melbourne Nov-Dec 18


  48. Marnie 23/10/2018

    Hi Drew,
    Are you still looking for space in Mornington ? If so I may have something .


    • The Pop Up Guy 26/10/2018

      Hello Marnie
      Thanks for your contact. I do have someone interested… but an email I sent to you just bounced back. Did you provide the correct address ? Pls. email me – – and I’ll see if we can get you guys in touch !


  49. Abdul 30/10/2018

    Looking for a popup retail space around Hoppers.


  50. JENNY 12/11/2018

    I am looking for a popup, if you still have the mornington one. Please get in touch with me


  51. Jay 22/11/2018

    Hi there we’re looking for a popup location around Brunswick Melbourne for approx 2 to 4 weeks. We would like to know if there is any options available.Thanks


  52. Peter 04/12/2018


    Im looking for Melbourne CBD Pop Up for 1 day. Size 40-90sqm

    Thank you


  53. Karen 25/01/2019

    We have a coffee container, specialising in beautiful coffee and basic takeaway food.
    Beautifully presented and unique.
    We are looking for land space with great traffic flow to move to.
    We were previously opposite the DFO in Cheltenham.
    Would suit drive through type business/ industrial estate or high volume customer/ traffic areas


  54. Will 29/01/2019

    Hi, I’m looking for a pop up location for March.

    -Melbourne CBD
    -Chapel street
    -Brunswick street
    -Fitzroy area


  55. Vivian 05/08/2019


    I am looking for a short term pop up shop for now and then for Xmas period. I want somewhere that has busy traffic. A small area would be sufficient selling packaged sweets and other goodies.


  56. Brooke 18/10/2019

    Hi, I would love to have a pop up store to sell my Soywax candles in Melbourne south eastern suburbs pls thanks 😊


  57. Robyn 31/01/2020

    I am looking for a pop store in either Sorrento or Mornington. Please get in touch if you have anything in those areas.


  58. Bruce 09/02/2020

    Hi, I am going to run a fashion business, mainly selling female clothing made of fur, leather, wool, cashmere, silk and other high-end fabrics and would like to open a pop-up shop in city, chapel street, high street armadale or other great locations. Pls inform me if you have any vacant pop-up shops. Thx


  59. Tom 10/10/2022

    Hello there, hope you are keeping well. We are after a pop up shop for a few months to start A.S.A.P selling giftware in the south east suburbs such as Parkmore or Brandon Park Shopping Centres. We have been doing it for many many years.


  60. Bruce 22/10/2022

    I am after a small pop up shop in Malvern/Armadale /Toorak area for approximately 4 weeks leading up to Christmas 2022.


  61. Edelglas 18/06/2023

    Hi there, I’m looking for a pop up store in Melbourne CBD from 1/11/23 to 24/12/23.


  62. Tajinder 22/06/2023

    I am designer and have a great range of handmade bags. I am looking for a pop up shop, small area should be fine. Please let me know if you have any.


  63. Chandrika 28/03/2024

    Looking for short term-2 month pop up in burnswick street,Fotzroy.
    As soon as possible.


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