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Pop up made easy – Richmond


Here’s a walk-in pop up space, on Bridge Road

A new concept in pop-up shopping has just been launched in Melbourne – a business which offers permanent space dedicated to short-term retail… The founder of Temporium, Steph Walker says they realised (through their own frustrating experience !) that it was “incredibly difficult to find easy-to-book and affordable pop up spaces…” And so they came up with a concept to provide clean, fit-for-use space in popular shopping areas, already fitted-out with the basics (sales counter, shelving, mirrors, cash register and sound systems… even the basic liability insurance will be provided) – ready for “tenants” to walk in with their stock and start trading. The shops can be rented for as little as a single day, or up to 3 months… The concept is fully detailed on their website and you can book dates on-line in just a few clicks. It also seems that if a space is available, businesses can sign up to rent at very short notice (call Steph to see if you can start trading tomorrow !)

The first of these pop up stores has already opened, “right in the middle of busy Bridge Road – with lots of foot traffic amongst a large number of retail stores” says Steph. In addition to the counter and cash register, shelves, mirror and change rooms already within this store, Temporium offers low-cost options for hiring racks and hangers, tables and mannequins – and a PayPal Here machine (for credit card and PayPal payments)


Where – 237 Bridge Road, Richmond

When –  available to book now !

How –    check out their website, or contact Steph by email, on mobile 0403 688 646


Shop interior and exterior shots for Steph.

Shop interior and exterior shots for Steph.

Shop interior and exterior shots for Steph.

Shop interior and exterior shots for Steph.

Shop interior and exterior shots for Steph.


Temporium logo


images : Temporium, Bridge Road Richmond

2 comment to "Pop up made easy – Richmond"

  1. Eleni 21/10/2016

    I am new to the market and would like to get my brand name out there. What are the prices and when will this property be available?

    Thank you


  2. Mishaan 09/07/2017

    Hello, we are clearing 3 warehouses of past stock and need a shop to sell.


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