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Pop up agents around Melbourne (2019)


…we’ve reviewed the listings on our Melbourne locations page – and mention a couple of pop up agents…

Every so-often we review the details on our locations offered (Melbourne) page… to ensure all properties are still available as pop up spaces. But we do rely on agents and landlords to tell us when a property isn’t offered anymore (or on feedback from our readers) – and that doesn’t always happen ! Some of those listings have been there quite a while, and some of the contact details / people may have changed… we do try to keep them up-to-date. A couple of major properties have been so popular for short-term tenancies that we’ve left the listings (and links) on the list… but readers might have to chase down the right (current) contacts !

One of our most-popular posts (and attracting lots of comments) has been the pop up agents around Melbourne article, first published back in March 2013. Some of the pop up agents in that original article don’t seem to be talking pop-up any longer… but thankfully others have come along. Many agents we speak to just aren’t keen to consider short term tenancies, while others are quite happy tell us what they have and see if we can help fill their vacant spaces… (but not publish their names or details !)

Here are two exceptions… local commercial agents who’ll talk pop up :


Hodges around Prahran / South Yarra often has a few spaces for short term – including Greville Street ! Contact Stephen McCleery at


MMJ Melbourne also recently listed a few properties… keen to make the most of opportunities for their landlords. Contact Joel Wald at or mobile 0412 352 252. Joel kindly contributed a comment for this article :

“MMJ are committed to assisting its landlords secure cashflow for vacant properties and to this end, supports short term “pop up” tenancies. Occupation of vacant tenancies reduces insurance costs, provides cash flow to landlords and shows the tenancy in a better light for agents whilst seeking long term commitments”


Looking back at that article posted back in 2013, I’d say our comments are still valid :

Why do we list property agents – and then only some agents… not others…? Well, it seems obvious that most “short term tenancies” (suitable for temporary retail, pop up shops or special events) are either available “privately” (directly through the landlords, or by tenants trying to sub-lease) – or through the commercial property agents. In our experience, the private arrangements (when you can find them !) tend to work well if you already know the landlord or the tenant. But if you’re a “potential popper” and not already connected… it can be a long and difficult struggle to find the right location, at the right terms…

It seems logical that the commercial agents will know of locations for pop up spaces – in “real time”. Many on-line listings don’t publish available dates or rates. When you enquire with a pop up agent they’ll usually know exactly which properties are offered, have the details and terms at hand… and the paperwork (ready for you to sign !)

But many agents just don’t offer properties for short-term tenancies… it’s not worth their time to negotiate the deal and prepare an agreement (usually a licence rather than a lease) – and that is understandable from a revenue viewpoint. However, it kind of misses the whole point about pop-ups… being an option to fill an otherwise-empty space, open the doors to traffic again, re-invigorate a failing neighbourhood – and also offer the potential to sign up longer-term tenants… all without huge investment or commitment. See our previous articles on winning with pop up and location location.

The good news is that over time we’ve seen a change in attitude with some of the commercial agents, as many properties remain “for lease” and standing vacant for longer. Those are the agents who seem to recognise the potential for a “win-win” and are making the extra effort…

Having said all that, we’re always keen to know of more locations available – and other pop up agents who will talk “short term” ! Please let us know what you know…



featured image : Goodwill Industries International pop up store (Washington DC)

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