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Risky business ? (part 1)

…what if your pop up… falls down ?


Regular readers of these posts at popUPshops Melbourne will know I believe that one of the hardest tasks in starting a pop up shop… is finding the right location. Well, I think we’ve identified another major challenge ! Recently we’ve been contacted by some pretty frustrated “poppers”, asking if we can offer direction in finding insurance for their event. These people had recognised the need for some form of protection (even just basic Public Liability) and had exhausted their own, obvious avenues…

And so… it got me thinking, just how hard can it be ? A few weeks ago I started my own research, approaching several providers for basic and inexpensive Public and Product Liability insurance, and yep it has been… frustrating ! It feels like I’ve been working on this topic for ages – but I was almost ready to share my findings with our readers.  As a last step in the process I ran the draft of our “risky business” article past a person knowledgeable in insurance matters, just to ensure I had a general gist of the issues and had used correct terminology.

But… it seems there were recommendations which I am not qualified to provide (there’s the Financial Services Reform Act to consider….). and there may also be questions about mis-representation of certain providers There is a fair amount of legislation protecting the financial services industry (quite rightfully too !) – and it may be inappropriate for a novice (like me) to share my research or offer advice on what products might be suitable. Even with lengthy and obvious Disclaimers I could be getting myself into hot water… (no, thank you !)

And so, sadly “risky business” still isn’t ready to publish (grrr…) ! For those of you who know this article is coming… please be patient, I’m sure we’ll get there soon…

In the meantime – do you have a “pop up insurance” story to tell, know of a good solution ? Please let us know (but be careful how you say it !)

Disclaimer : This information is for general advice only and does not constitute qualified or licenced opinion.


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